How to be self-sufficient

One of the things I’ve always loved about being an entrepreneur is being self-sufficient. Not having to rely on an employer to get paid. Ever since I was a child… Any time I’ve earned money through one of my own businesses I’ve always felt a huge amount of satisfaction… And yes I did have several […]

All At Sea

On Monday I got back from the Internet marketers cruise… In case you don’t know this is a cruise around the Caribbean with 450 Internet marketers… It’s a great place to meet other marketers… Learn new strategies… And possibly do some joint venture deals… The thing I love about the cruise is it’s so laid-back… […]

A 30 foot long scaffolding pole..

Living in rural France has its benefits… It’s beautiful… It’s quiet… And it’s also very peaceful… However there is a problem…. No cabled Internet access… In fact we don’t even have a phone line…. And mobile phone reception is virtually non-existent… I rely on a satellite dish which delivers broadband via a company called two-way… […]

The Lost Dog

Sunday evening we had a huge thunderstorm here in France. We woke up at one in the morning to a very loud clap of thunder and then all of the power went out… Monday morning at 9 AM the power was still out… Dave and I sprung into action, and implemented our power cut checklist… […]

Back In Time

Last week Dave and I were taken back in time to the 1980s… A time when there was no Internet… No Netflix…. No Facebook… What happened? We lost our Internet connection for several days! When you live in a built-up area this isn’t really so much of the problem… After all you can always use […]

Product Launch Disaster

This week Dave and I have been busy organising firewood before the winter truly sets in. We’ve been down in the valley cutting up a tree which blew over a couple of months ago… Dave’s been busy test driving his new Stihl MSA 220 battery electric chainsaw… The funny thing is this chainsaw uses the […]

Tire blowout incident

A couple of weeks ago disaster struck… Dave and I were in the middle of Spain…. We were doing a road trip from northern France to Gibraltar… We were about 700 miles in…. On the motorway/highway and I suddenly got a warning… One of my tires was deflating…. The worst part is Tesla’s don’t carry […]

A great day for a drive

I Woke up this morning to an amazing sunrise…. This made me smile as Dave and I are about to set off on a road trip.. Where are we heading? From our house in northern France… To the tip of Spain, Gibraltar…. Here’s the funny thing… Even though Gibraltar is 1400 miles away from England […]

My Office Video Tour

My new office is painted and re-carpeted… Last week I moved in and I’ve already started mapping out strategies on my new whiteboard. Watch this video tour of my new office… In this video, I also show a new Facebook strategy which I’ve mapped out on my new whiteboard. Have a great day whatever you’re […]

I tested it, it didn’t work

Living in France has many benefits… The fresh air… The wide open space and a huge French farmhouse that Dave and I seem to rattle around in. However, for the past seven months, Dave and I have been sharing an office. This has worked out fine except for when I want to record videos or […]