Yesterday The Internet Broke

Yesterday a large chunk of the Internet stopped working! Why ? What happened?  As you’re probably aware a lot of things we do online and on our phones uses something called cloud computing and cloud storage. One of the largest companies on the Internet that handles cloud computing is Amazon S3. Yesterday one of Amazon’s […]

No Fracking Way!!


There’s a lot of talk about being green. Recycling, installing insulation in your house, saving electricity you know what I’m talking about. There is also a lot of objection to things like, fracking nuclear power carbon, coal, fossil fuels The strange thing is that very few people stop to think about where electricity actually comes […]



Wow I can hardly believe I’ve made over quarter of a million dollars sitting in the front seat of my car ! How did I do this? Am I the world’s most expensive uber driver? Maybe I’m an exclusive getaway driver? Well, the simple answer is, sales videos. As you probably know I’ve made a […]


Captain And Sarah

Sorry I have been too busy to write a newsletter for a few weeks. There is so much cool stuff going on in my head is about to explode and it’s difficult to know where to start …… Wow I can’t believe we’re already in February!! I have to say January has been a complete […]

Marketers Cruise Secrets

Sarah on Cruise

So, I am writing this in a hotel in New Orleans, having just come off the cruise ship that has been taking myself and some 400  other Internet Marketers around the Caribbean. For me it has been the best cruise I have been on, and this is my third. Okay, so over the next few […]

I Nearly Crashed The Tesla

Only two days to go till I fly out to New Orleans for my third Internet marketers cruise. It’s pretty amazing going on a cruise with 400 Internet marketers!! This year I am taking Catherine and Sue with me on the cruise. (and Dave of course!) The cruise is a great time to kick back […]

The Superhero Secret

super woman

New Year can be a funny time, we have a drink or two, toast in the New Year, and make all sorts of New Year’s resolutions, for example: -Losing weight -Quitting my job and start working from home -Start making $200 , $500 or even $1000 a day -Pay off the mortgage -Stop smoking But […]


No no……. that’s not me that’s windy !! I am spending Christmas in a house up in Northumbria, near to relatives of my sister’s husband. The house is in a National Park where everything is strictly controlled to keep modern civilisation from spoiling the historic beauty of the land. Not far from here is Hadrian’s […]

The 7K dyslexic Mistake

post box

Okay, so I was at an Internet marketing event a couple of months ago and I got chatting to Neil Stafford. He told me about a cool strategy, promoting webinars using direct mail, you know “snail mail”, old fashioned paper post… I thought to myself okay I am definitely going to try this,sometime…. Because…… Email […]

I Made Everybody Laugh


Last week I attended a driver’s awareness course. This was because I got caught speeding and was given the choice to either have some points put on my licence or attend a one-day driver awareness course. The course was held in a local Hilton hotel in one of their conference rooms. The setup looked very […]

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