Zooming Along

Okay I’ve, Washed all the windows in the house Mowed the lawn Relabelled all the spice jars in the kitchen Put all my books in alphabetical order Okay I guess it’s time to start doing some of this work from home stuff… Sound familiar….. That’s exactly how I felt 20 years ago when I started […]

Panic buying here in France

Wow what a week it’s been in France with the Coronavirus.
 I went shopping on Monday and had to wait in line for almost 2 hours at the checkout.
 For some strange reason everybody was panic buying toilet roll!!
 Here in France we been told to stay at home for the next 15 days!!
 Apparently […]

The IKEA Hack

Ikea Hack

A lot of people love old technology… Such as… • Steam engines
 • Classic cars
 • Vintage computer equipment
 • Antique typewriters
 For me it’s audio and video equipment…
 Believe it or not I still have a collection of, – VHS tapes
- Laserdiscs
- Audio cassettes
- CD’s and Supper Audio CD’s
- Vinyl The only problem is […]

How to be self-sufficient

One of the things I’ve always loved about being an entrepreneur is being self-sufficient. Not having to rely on an employer to get paid. Ever since I was a child… Any time I’ve earned money through one of my own businesses I’ve always felt a huge amount of satisfaction… And yes I did have several […]

All At Sea

On Monday I got back from the Internet marketers cruise… In case you don’t know this is a cruise around the Caribbean with 450 Internet marketers… It’s a great place to meet other marketers… Learn new strategies… And possibly do some joint venture deals… The thing I love about the cruise is it’s so laid-back… […]

A 30 foot long scaffolding pole..

Living in rural France has its benefits… It’s beautiful… It’s quiet… And it’s also very peaceful… However there is a problem…. No cabled Internet access… In fact we don’t even have a phone line…. And mobile phone reception is virtually non-existent… I rely on a satellite dish which delivers broadband via a company called two-way… […]

The Lost Dog

Sunday evening we had a huge thunderstorm here in France. We woke up at one in the morning to a very loud clap of thunder and then all of the power went out… Monday morning at 9 AM the power was still out… Dave and I sprung into action, and implemented our power cut checklist… […]

Back In Time

Last week Dave and I were taken back in time to the 1980s… A time when there was no Internet… No Netflix…. No Facebook… What happened? We lost our Internet connection for several days! When you live in a built-up area this isn’t really so much of the problem… After all you can always use […]

Product Launch Disaster

This week Dave and I have been busy organising firewood before the winter truly sets in. We’ve been down in the valley cutting up a tree which blew over a couple of months ago… Dave’s been busy test driving his new Stihl MSA 220 battery electric chainsaw… The funny thing is this chainsaw uses the […]

Tire blowout incident

A couple of weeks ago disaster struck… Dave and I were in the middle of Spain…. We were doing a road trip from northern France to Gibraltar… We were about 700 miles in…. On the motorway/highway and I suddenly got a warning… One of my tires was deflating…. The worst part is Tesla’s don’t carry […]