Cleaning up this town

The lights were dim and the room was filled with tension… I was sitting upright in my seat, my mind was racing with different possibilities. The year was 2010 and I was attending my first big Internet marketing seminar. They were about 300 people in the room and it was one of those events where […]

Dyslexic Overwhelm

The last 12 months has been a rollercoaster ride…. Mainly due to the fact that I haven’t been resident in one country for more than three months. Luckily for me my European passport has finally arrived… This now means I can live in France permanently… It sounds really glamorous doesn’t it…. Jetsetting around the globe…. […]

1236 days…..

Three years one month and 11 days…. That’s how long it’s taken me to get a European Union passport…. And I’m not talking about being on a waiting list…. There has been obstacle after obstacle in getting this sorted…. A huge amount of red tape…. But in the end persistence paid off…. I’ve just been […]

Why Pattaya


On Friday I was standing in Bangkok airport… There was a man holding up a cardboard sign with my name on it… The taxi driver…. I got in his cab and he took me to Pattaya city…. Why Pattaya?  Because I am attending my first Internet marketing workshop in years! I’m attending a 10 day […]


Yes it’s true… Sometimes overwhelm even hits me! What’s been going on? For the first time in several years I’ve decided to set up an affiliate funnel… Basically what I want to do is offer affiliate 100% commission on one of my best converting funnels… Click here to check out the funnel 🙂  A lot […]

Off The Grid

I will always remember 2022 as the 12 month summer… Why? I spent the first three months of the year in Thailand… When I returned to France I bought the good weather with me… Boy oh boy has it been a hot summer here in France and over the whole of Europe in fact… I […]

Worst Salesman Ever

I kept my head down… Tried not to make eye contact…. And kept walking… Why?  I was walking through the lobby of a big home improvement store, B&Q…. And there was this guy trying to sell double glazing windows… He decided to try and pitch me on his product… Do you know what he said? […]

2 Weeks

My time here in Thailand has been a bit like one big networking event…. I can go to any small café or restaurant and just start a conversation with like-minded people… It’s pretty incredible… But why is this? It’s all because of the digital nomad scene. Digital nomads are people who travel the world whilst […]

Lost Luggage and Cancelled Ticket

Thailand Travel

So I’m standing there in Bangkok airport… Waiting to get on the next plane to take me to an island in the south of Thailand called Koh Samui… They held me at the gate for over half an hour and were making a lot of radio calls… I was getting nervous because I only had […]

A Costly Mistake

Have you ever hit the wrong button and lost all your work? Forgot to save a project?? Not had a backup… Or simply tried something new and failed miserably? It happens to all of us right? Later in life failure can lead to massive self-doubt and even depression. We forget how much we failed when […]