Worst Salesman Ever

I kept my head down… Tried not to make eye contact…. And kept walking… Why?  I was walking through the lobby of a big home improvement store, B&Q…. And there was this guy trying to sell double glazing windows… He decided to try and pitch me on his product… Do you know what he said? […]

2 Weeks

My time here in Thailand has been a bit like one big networking event…. I can go to any small café or restaurant and just start a conversation with like-minded people… It’s pretty incredible… But why is this? It’s all because of the digital nomad scene. Digital nomads are people who travel the world whilst […]

Lost Luggage and Cancelled Ticket

Thailand Travel

So I’m standing there in Bangkok airport… Waiting to get on the next plane to take me to an island in the south of Thailand called Koh Samui… They held me at the gate for over half an hour and were making a lot of radio calls… I was getting nervous because I only had […]

A Costly Mistake

Have you ever hit the wrong button and lost all your work? Forgot to save a project?? Not had a backup… Or simply tried something new and failed miserably? It happens to all of us right? Later in life failure can lead to massive self-doubt and even depression. We forget how much we failed when […]

Breakdown just before Christmas

pick up truck

Why is it that these things always happen just before Christmas? I just had lunch and loaded up the dishwasher… I clicked the on button and just heard a humming noise… You guessed it… The dishwasher has decided to pack up… I guess the thought of having to wash all those Christmas dishes was just […]

Alone and vulnerable in a sketchy part of town

Have you ever have that sick feeling in your stomach… You know, when something bad happens… Then you’ll know exactly how I felt when I got out of a cab and saw it driveaway… A couple years back I was attending a marketing conference in Phoenix USA. I had flown in to attend an event […]

They lied to me….

list building

It all seems so easy… The big promises… The easy money… And the 4 hour workweek? What happened? Back in 2008 when I first got into Internet marketing… These were the sort of promises that I heard on a daily basis… However nothing seemed to work… Until I started building an email list… But guess […]

Local government are idiots….

I wanted to get out of the car… Throw my phone to the floor… And stamp on it… While screaming at the top of my voice… What was I doing? Trying to pay for parking in London… Back in the olden days it used to be so simple… We pulled up to a parking space… […]

Re-editing Your Life

boxing gloves

Okay I’m the first to admit it… I love the Rocky movies… I’ve always been a big fan ever since I was a child… Last year I was amazed to hear that Sylvester Stallone was hard at work re-editing Rocky 4. Apparently he was going to be releasing a directors cut… Basically during lockdown he […]

My rant about electric cars…

car charger

As some of you may know I drive a Tesla… I got my Tesla model S brand-new over four years ago… And I’ve driven just over 62,000 miles… I’ve also completed many road trips over the years… Some over 3000 miles.. And what’s the most I’ve driven in one day? 582 miles! That was the […]