Embarrassing Confession – YouTube Video attached…

Wow it’s beautiful weather here in France…. Blue sky and the sun is shining….. So for today’s installment of my embarrassing confession… I decided to shoot a video whilst out on a walk…. I’ve uploaded it to YouTube.…   Here is the direct link to the YouTube video 🙂 Let me know your thoughts on […]

Embarrassing Confession

This is rather embarrassing…. In fact I’ve never told anyone this before…. It all started in early 2009… You see I was Staying at a Hilton hotel in Central London… I was attending a 3-day seminar about email list building… I was super excited about what I was learning… I realised if I could build […]

Back to normality

Massive queues in the petrol stations… Food running out in the supermarkets…. Panic buying through fear of stuff running out at Christmas… It’s so nice to leave all that behind… Why? Sunday I travel back to France… And it’s so nice to be back to some sort of normality… It’s strange, I never thought I […]

2000 feet and climbing

There was a police helicopter directly in front of me but I couldn’t see it…. Then suddenly it came into vision over the horizon… Where was I? Flying over London, approaching the Olympic village and the O2… You see on Saturday I was enjoying a one hour helicopter lesson… Wow flying helicopters is such fun… […]

Scratched my car

Someone scratched my car and didn’t even leave a note… So what happened? About a year ago I parked my car in the supermarket car park in France… When I came out there was a huge scratch on my front bumper…. Because of lockdown I didn’t get it fixed… It was also something I prefer […]

The staff kicked us out!

I was shocked how crowded it was…. In fact I thought the streets would be empty…. But I was wrong… Where was I? Covent Garden central London… You see last week I organised a special Internet marketing meet up… This was to be the first time in almost 2 years I had attended a live […]

The doctor was shocked!

It feels good to be back in London… The hustle and bustle… Lots of shops and endless options…. And a brand-new gym that just opened up at the end of the road… Over the last 12 months my waistline has definitely increased… So that’s why I decided to join the gym… Last week I also […]

The Backup Plan

  The sunlight was streaming through the curtains at 6:30 AM last Tuesday… I decided to get up and run my bath… Whilst my bath was running I opened the curtains to see a beautiful sunrise… However I got a big shock when I put my leg into the bath… The water was stone cold… […]

Video Newsletter 1 July 2020

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Brain fog

Have you ever sat down to do some work and just ended up watching YouTube videos or being distracted… For whatever reason you just can’t seem to concentrate… You know what I’m talking about… Brain fog… This is a big problem for Internet marketers working from home… In fact this is something I sometimes suffer […]