I tested it, it didn’t work

Living in France has many benefits… The fresh air… The wide open space and a huge French farmhouse that Dave and I seem to rattle around in. However, for the past seven months, Dave and I have been sharing an office. This has worked out fine except for when I want to record videos or […]

Hiking the Grand Canyon

Wow I’ve been doing this Internet marketing thing for over 10 years!! Working from home…. Picking my own hours… However, there is one problem… Exercise and physical activity… When you commute into a job each day you get some exercise… Walking to the train station… Going up and down stairs…. However over the last 10 […]

Road Trip 860 miles in one Day

Life often puts challenges in our path… Challenges that we have to overcome or we fall back. Challenges that are to do with weight and diet.. Challenges that are to do with taking things on at work…. And these can be pretty stressful… But sometimes we can create our own challenges, fun challenges…. They can […]

A giant rattlesnake I almost sat on

My legs were trembling… I could hardly catch a breath… I was even feeling a little bit dizzy at times… However I did not want to stop… Each step I took I got closer to the summit… Where was I ? Climbing Mount Baldy in California last week… In fact this was the first time […]


I was standing in the living room having a chat with Cynthia… Suddenly the house started to shake… At first I wasn’t sure what was going on… We both stared stop talking and stared at each other… I then realised this was an earthquake… But the strange thing is it seemed to go on and […]

Sinking feeling in my stomach

It was Saturday morning 10:45am and my frustration hit all-time high. Where was I? Sitting in my Tesla in a large traffic jam on the M4. On my way to Heathrow airport… I had that sinking feeling in my stomach… And I had a real possibility of missing my flight to California… The traffic crawled […]

All Alone

I’m sitting at my desk looking out of the window at a mountain range covered in snow! Where am I? Vancouver Canada… I’ve got some meetings this weekend… Then next I’m off to San Francisco for a trip to Silicon Valley which should be fun… My plane landed late Tuesday night… I had all of […]

Chatting to tech billionaires

Three weeks ago I was in San Francisco having great fun zipping around the streets on one of those new electric scooters from the company skip which you can rent.   This is a great alternative to taking a cab, and apparently they’re coming to London soon!!       One of the most interesting […]

Have you ever felt like this?

Have you ever had one of those days? You know, one of those days you didn’t feel like doing anything… In fact it was a day where you had tons of stuff to do…
 But you ended up doing nothing…
 And then at the end of the day you’re really annoyed with yourself…
 Well guess […]

He gave me a weird look and said no

Have you ever been afraid to ask for something? Asking someone out on a date… Trying to close a big sale…. Have you ever been afraid to take action? Launching a new product… Putting on a workshop…. Have you ever procrastinated? Well from personal experience I can definitely say yes to all of the above. […]