A misunderstanding

Last week I charged up my car… Loaded up my luggage…. And set off for London at 5 AM in the morning… One of the things I love about driving this early in the morning is watching the beautiful sunrise… But this was a special trip… Why?                 […]

The Backup Plan

The sunlight was streaming through the curtains at 6:30 AM last Tuesday…  I decided to get up and run my bath…  Whilst my bath was running I opened the curtains to see a beautiful sunrise…  However I got a big shock when I put my leg into the bath…  The water was stone cold…  For […]

Replacing my roof – myself!

Last Tuesday it was pouring with rain and windy… And I was in the worst possible place… At the top of a rather tall scaffolding tower… I was hit by a gust of wind and was almost blown off the tower… Was I doing?  Helping the builder replace the metal roof on one of our […]

Disastrous storm here in France…

Wow last week we were hit by a massive storm here in northern France… Roofs were torn off… Telephone lines were down everywhere… A lot of the roads were blocked by fallen trees.. The worst part was our electricity was cut off for 4 days! Apparently the storm ripped through the West Coast and completely […]

Did Not Go To Plan!

During the summer Dave and I relocated the storage room we have in the house for our lawnmower and garden tools. We built a brand-new room in the barn which had a lot more space… We spent days going through all of our tools and boxes of stuff… It’s amazing how much stuff you can […]

Quitting Marketing

A couple of months ago I woke up at about 5 AM… I peered through the window to the site of a beautiful red sun rising through the mist… I went downstairs onto the patio and breathed in the clear summer air… It was then that I decided I was going to take a couple […]


Home Grown Onions harvested

Do you remember the TV show from the 1970s called the good life? This was a TV show about a couple who lived in the suburbs of London who decided to become completely self-sufficient. They quit their jobs and decided to grow all their own food… This seemed like a completely crackpot thing to do […]

Why 4 Years to complete?

house in france

Sometimes I find it really hard to get projects finished… It all seems so exciting when you first start…. Planning everything out….. Even starting a new project can be exciting…. However completing a project can be difficult… As some of you may know several years ago we purchased the house next door and completely gutted […]

I had a lightbulb moment

Newly dug flower bed in garden

Spring has definitely arrived here in France… And with spring comes loads of weeds! At the end of our driveway we have a very long flowerbed… It’s around 20 meters 65 feet in length! For the past several years it’s been covered in weeds and thick wild grass… Over the years we’ve attempted weeding this […]

Barn Conversion

Today I’ve recorded a video newsletter and uploaded it to YouTube. Click here to watch the video 🙂  In today’s video I explain the importance of making affiliate commissions even if you’re out of action… I also give a quick tour of our new barn conversion games room…. Have a great weekend whatever you’re doing, […]