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The doctor was shocked!

It feels good to be back in London… The hustle and bustle… Lots of shops and endless options…. And a brand-new gym that just opened up at the end of the road… Over the last 12 months my waistline has definitely increased… So that’s why I decided to join the gym… Last week I also […]

The Backup Plan

  The sunlight was streaming through the curtains at 6:30 AM last Tuesday… I decided to get up and run my bath… Whilst my bath was running I opened the curtains to see a beautiful sunrise… However I got a big shock when I put my leg into the bath… The water was stone cold… […]

Brain fog

Have you ever sat down to do some work and just ended up watching YouTube videos or being distracted… For whatever reason you just can’t seem to concentrate… You know what I’m talking about… Brain fog… This is a big problem for Internet marketers working from home… In fact this is something I sometimes suffer […]

SpaceX Starlink Is it any good?

The DHL van pulled up…. The doors opened… A man carrying a very large box labelled Starlink stepped out… Yes you guessed it… My space X Starlink satellite system arrived this week! Is it any good? Well the highest speeds we’ve had so far has been 300MB down… And 75MB up!! However those speeds do […]

Enter Elon Musk…

Living in the countryside can be frustrating… Especially since we don’t have cabled Internet… Pretty ironic isn’t it… I run an Internet marketing business… And I have a bad Internet connection…. So how do we get our Internet? Via unreliable incredibly overpriced satellite Internet. In fact it costs us about¬†$600 a month for our connection!! […]

This drives me nuts…

Whenever I’m in the supermarket I always seem to get into the wrong line at the checkout… You know what I’m talking about… All the other lines seem to move much faster… However here in France things are compounded by cheque books.. For some weird reason in France a lot of people still pay using […]

The Best Part Is No Part…

Disaster I pulled the wrong cable out, and it’s costing us ¬£2,000 an hour!! That’s what once happened to me back in the 1990s… Back then I worked for a video transfer house in Soho, London. Basically what we did was transfer broadcast videotapes from one format to another… The facility was deep underground and […]

A helping hand…

One of the advantages with living in rural France is that we have a large garden… In fact a very large garden… So last year Dave and I experimented with growing our own vegetables… Our test was successful… In fact we ended up with a large amount of onions and potatoes…. So this year we […]

Something weird happened

Saturday 6:30 AM… I was lying in bed… A strange orange / red light was coming through a crack in the curtains… I noticed that three of my cats were behind the curtains staring out of the window… What could it be? I got up went to the window and pulled the curtains… It was […]

Cats have taught me a few things…

As some of you may know I am a cat Parent. Living with four cats has taught me a few things… Cats love routine… They like to eat sleep and go for walks at the same time each day… They even like to sleep in the same spots at the same time of day round […]