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Re-editing Your Life

boxing gloves

Okay I’m the first to admit it… I love the Rocky movies… I’ve always been a big fan ever since I was a child… Last year I was amazed to hear that Sylvester Stallone was hard at work re-editing Rocky 4. Apparently he was going to be releasing a directors cut… Basically during lockdown he […]

Scratched my car

Someone scratched my car and didn’t even leave a note… So what happened? About a year ago I parked my car in the supermarket car park in France… When I came out there was a huge scratch on my front bumper…. Because of lockdown I didn’t get it fixed… It was also something I prefer […]

The staff kicked us out!

I was shocked how crowded it was…. In fact I thought the streets would be empty…. But I was wrong… Where was I? Covent Garden central London… You see last week I organised a special Internet marketing meet up… This was to be the first time in almost 2 years I had attended a live […]

Video Newsletter 1 July 2020

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Having A Rant – Top Gear


  WOW the BBC it’s being sued for creating fake car reviews.    Because I have run a video production company, and done a   fair number of car videos for Nissan, and for car dealers (Clive Sutton), and for Kart racing companies, it has been   ..blatantly obvious to me that ALL of those […]