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Driving Traffic

driving traffic

  The arrival of the internet has changed whole industries, and    .one of the ironies of life is that one of the industries most    .changed has been the advertising industry..   Way back in the “good old days” advertising was all about    .brand building and brand awareness, and any advertising    .agency […]

Listening To Pink FLoyd

Sarah at the Beach

One of the main reasons for a lot of people getting into Internet Marketing is the idea of working where you want and when you want, rather than being stuck in an office, commuting, and working the hours that someone else wants you to work.     Well we’re enjoying a little bit of a […]

Making Assets Work For You

house in france

French Auctions   French auctions are a bit different to English   ones.   All bidding is done by a lawyer. Each bid has   a time limit of 90 seconds for the other party    .to raise their bid, if not your bid wins.   The other thing I noticed was that the Judge […]