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The Superhero Secret

super woman

New Year can be a funny time, we have a drink or two, toast in the New Year, and make all sorts of New Year’s resolutions, for example: -Losing weight -Quitting my job and start working from home -Start making $200 , $500 or even $1000 a day -Pay off the mortgage -Stop smoking But […]

The 7K dyslexic Mistake

post box

Okay, so I was at an Internet marketing event a couple of months ago and I got chatting to Neil Stafford. He told me about a cool strategy, promoting webinars using direct mail, you know “snail mail”, old fashioned paper post… I thought to myself okay I am definitely going to try this,sometime…. Because…… Email […]

Swimming With Snakes

swimming with snakes

So…. As you probably know I have been in the USA (Land of the Free And The Home of The Brave….),visiting relatives in Iowa with my Mum. Having been back a week it has given me the time to reflect on my experiences. WildLife Encounters We were visiting  a small town called Williamsburg. Williamsburg is […]

Living Off The Grid

living off the grid

  For the last 2 weeks I have been at my house in France-    .which is why you haven’t heard anything from me.   Now, as you may know, the house is completely isolated from   the digital world many of us live in, no fibre-optic cable, no    .mobile phone signal, no television… […]

Affiliate Secret Hacks

Affiliate Black Book

  Come back in time with me…… to 2008   On 1 January 2008 I opened my notepad and wrote down two   goals to achieve during the year.   Make my first sale online before the end of January   Start earning enough money online to become financially independent   After spending two weeks […]