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I Made Everybody Laugh


Last week I attended a driver’s awareness course. This was because I got caught speeding and was given the choice to either have some points put on my licence or attend a one-day driver awareness course. The course was held in a local Hilton hotel in one of their conference rooms. The setup looked very […]

Help – Stop The President

hms president

That’s right.. They are scrapping the President..   No this has absolutely nothing to do with the US Presidential Elections, or any Presidential Elections anywhere else in the world. This is to do with HMS President. HMS President is a ship that was moored near Tower Bridge and St Katherine’s docks. There has been an HMS […]

Tesla Road Trip – Range Anxiety

electric car charger

I’ve always thought that an electric car was a good idea, but, amongst other concerns, I’ve always worried about its range – how far it would go on a single full charge. Then I heard about Tesla. Now the Tesla Model S is an electric car with a range of between 300 and 360 miles […]

The One and A Half Hour Pizza


Basically, sometimes life just  doesn’t go according to plan, no matter how positive we want to be. Okay so I can read, but I have to really really focus and what truly annoys me about car parks is that often they have all these small signs stuck in out of the way places where I just […]

I Was Ripped Off!


  Last week was pretty cold and wet but nevertheless as it was   half-term I decided to spend last week with my family at the      .house in France.   I collected my mother from the airport in the morning,my    .sister her husband and kids arrived later the same day. I was […]