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Quitting Marketing

A couple of months ago I woke up at about 5 AM… I peered through the window to the site of a beautiful red sun rising through the mist… I went downstairs onto the patio and breathed in the clear summer air… It was then that I decided I was going to take a couple […]


Home Grown Onions harvested

Do you remember the TV show from the 1970s called the good life? This was a TV show about a couple who lived in the suburbs of London who decided to become completely self-sufficient. They quit their jobs and decided to grow all their own food… This seemed like a completely crackpot thing to do […]

I had a lightbulb moment

Newly dug flower bed in garden

Spring has definitely arrived here in France… And with spring comes loads of weeds! At the end of our driveway we have a very long flowerbed… It’s around 20 meters 65 feet in length! For the past several years it’s been covered in weeds and thick wild grass… Over the years we’ve attempted weeding this […]

The Accident


Last Thursday I went on my first continental road trip in my new Tesla. My plan was to take the Channel Tunnel to France and then drive the remaining 300 miles to the house(s) in Normandie. My plan was to see how well the Tesla supercharger network worked in France. Dave was a bit sceptical […]

I Got A Flat Tyre

flat Tyre

  So there I was standing in the pouring rain staring at my flat    .tyre. I didn’t have a coat with me and my umbrella was    .broken. However I had purchased an upsell when I bought    .my car which was a spare tyre!!   Believe it or not when you purchased a […]

Living Off The Grid

living off the grid

  For the last 2 weeks I have been at my house in France-    .which is why you haven’t heard anything from me.   Now, as you may know, the house is completely isolated from   the digital world many of us live in, no fibre-optic cable, no    .mobile phone signal, no television… […]

I Have Just About Recovered!

Sarah Staar Workshop

For those of you who missed it.. weekend before last was was the first workshop I have done in 2015 and the format was  completely different from anything I have done before with lots of motivational/goal setting elements.     I really enjoyed this workshop particularly because I could see people starting to take action […]



It has been an interesting few weeks… So there we were in France   Dave was painting the gates, and getting all arty    .with his camera.   I was indoors supervising the decorator..   But then the graphics card on the PC decided it had   enough and quit on me.   So I […]

Multimedia Traffic Strategies


  Wow over 50 of you replied to my little rant over pensions    .earlier this week, thanks for all of your comments..   A lot of you emailed me mentioning  the fact that having an    .email list is one of the best income generating assets which    .you can have, I tend to […]