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All At Sea

On Monday I got back from the Internet marketers cruise… In case you don’t know this is a cruise around the Caribbean with 450 Internet marketers… It’s a great place to meet other marketers… Learn new strategies… And possibly do some joint venture deals… The thing I love about the cruise is it’s so laid-back… […]

White Cats In The Snow

Cruise Checklist

I woke up this morning to a thin blanket of snow here in France. The French countryside is absolutely beautiful when it is covered in snow. My cats were eager to get out and I wondered what they would think as they’d never seen snow before. They seemed to all be having terrific fun trying […]

Having A Coffee With A Bitcoin Millionaire

Internet Marketers Cruise

This time last week, I was sitting having a coffee with a bitcoin millionaire, cruising around the Caribbean.These are the sort of things that can happen on the Internet Marketers Cruise. You can sit down, have a coffee, and lo and behold, you’re sitting next to somebody who is making a huge amount of money […]

8-Day VIP Caribbean Marketer’s Cruise with Sarah

Internet Marketers Cruise 2018

Wow, I can’t believe we’re almost in October. I have to say so far this year has been a complete blast…   I have to start somewhere so let’s start with the Marketers Cruise…..   As most of you know I spent a week on the Internet Marketers Cruise this January and learnt so many […]


Captain And Sarah

Sorry I have been too busy to write a newsletter for a few weeks. There is so much cool stuff going on in my head is about to explode and it’s difficult to know where to start …… Wow I can’t believe we’re already in February!! I have to say January has been a complete […]

Marketers Cruise Secrets

Sarah on Cruise

So, I am writing this in a hotel in New Orleans, having just come off the cruise ship that has been taking myself and some 400  other Internet Marketers around the Caribbean. For me it has been the best cruise I have been on, and this is my third. Okay, so over the next few […]

Did Trump Use Pattern Interrupt ?

usa vote

Is there anything to Trump’s success, other than he just simply found a group of voters that had been ignored by everyone else, politicians and media especially ? Some of his interviews have been very revealing, to those of us who are into “why” stuff actually works. Whether you are for or against Donald Trump […]

How Did I Find That Domain

San Diego

  This afternoon I’ve been frantically rushing round the house    .throwing things into a suitcase because I’m about to leave the   house and catch a plane to San Diego.   One thing I have done that has made the whole booking in    .process so much easier is download the British Airways App […]