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Is Analogue Better Than Digital?

record player

I think it’s really sad that we’ve all got used to listening to really bad quality music from our mobile phones using file formats such as MP3. It wasn’t very long ago when we all had a relatively high quality Hi-Fi system in our living room using a record player. Remember those? Unlike a lot […]

How Did I Benefit From A Bad Situation

A couple of weeks ago, my Tesla got pranged by one of the moving vans when I moved to France. This is particularly annoying, as it’s such a beautiful car I find it rather embarrassing having a dent in the side of my car. Anyway, I called up one of the Tesla-approved garages to get […]

A Broken Pelvis And Sleeping On The Floor.

cat at vets

Two weeks ago, I moved to France.  What happened? A broken pelvis, sleeping on the kitchen floor, almost writing off my Tesla. First off, my move to France had two phases. Take all of my office and computer stuff over to France in a van myself. Hire a moving firm to move all of my […]

Am I Too Late?


These days I very rarely watch live television instead I tend to favor things like Netflix and Amazon Prime. However, on Saturday afternoon I decided to switch on the TV to see what was on. Wow! What a load of rubbish. Over 30 channels of crap, no wonder Amazon Prime and Netflix are doing so […]

Helicopter Insurance?


I was looking through a very unused part of a cupboard the other day and came across a few books from my childhood, and one of them reminded me a bit of one of the reasons I got into marketing.You see, I’ve always had a fascination with how things work.   Even as a child I […]

How To Sell Virtual Reality Headsets

Virtual Reality Headset

For the past few weeks we’ve been enjoying unusually hot sunny weather here in the UK, to such an extent that I actually now have a sun tan for the first time in several years ! Last Monday was a holiday here in the UK so I jumped in the car, risked the bank holiday […]