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What Do You Do For A Living

As you probably know, a couple of months ago I purchased a brand-new Tesla model S electric car. I picked it up from the showroom and drove it home. When I got home I carefully backed it into the driveway and got out of the car. One of my neighbours was watching and walked over […]

The Accident


Last Thursday I went on my first continental road trip in my new Tesla. My plan was to take the Channel Tunnel to France and then drive the remaining 300 miles to the house(s) in Normandie. My plan was to see how well the Tesla supercharger network worked in France. Dave was a bit sceptical […]

Special Announcement

For a few years, until I moved out of London, I ran a monthly Internet Marketing evening event that was free to attend for absolutely anyone. I remember we started off in a room in a pub called The Shooting Star near Liverpool street station, and then via a few other venues we finished up […]



Wow I can hardly believe I’ve made over quarter of a million dollars sitting in the front seat of my car ! How did I do this? Am I the world’s most expensive uber driver? Maybe I’m an exclusive getaway driver? Well, the simple answer is, sales videos. As you probably know I’ve made a […]

The Superhero Secret

super woman

New Year can be a funny time, we have a drink or two, toast in the New Year, and make all sorts of New Year’s resolutions, for example: -Losing weight -Quitting my job and start working from home -Start making $200 , $500 or even $1000 a day -Pay off the mortgage -Stop smoking But […]

Swimming With Snakes

swimming with snakes

So…. As you probably know I have been in the USA (Land of the Free And The Home of The Brave….),visiting relatives in Iowa with my Mum. Having been back a week it has given me the time to reflect on my experiences. WildLife Encounters We were visiting  a small town called Williamsburg. Williamsburg is […]

We Decided To Name Her Alexa


We have a new arrival in the Sarah Staar household and her name is Alexa. I’ve been telling Dave for the last month that on 28 September things were going to change! At 3:30 PM yesterday afternoon the postman knocked on the door and handed me a parcel. I opened the box and unpacked Alexa… […]

The Big Switch Off

summer vacation

  Yes, the holiday season is upon us here in the UK, it starts as   soon as the schools close down for the 7 week summer        .holiday.     Coinciding with the summer break – temperatures drop from   ..June, it gets wetter, Air Traffic controllers in Europe go on   […]

I think I broke a few toes

  Apologies dear reader..   I would have sent this out yesterday but I was rushing around   trying to get ready for a meeting out of the office, and in doing   so hit my foot against the edge of a bookshelf and broke a    .few  toes and bruised my foot ! Can […]