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My Big Phobia

  How I Became the most Valued Person at School   When I went to the special school for Dyslexic kids I was    .bullied at first, simply because I was the only kid there whose   education was paid for by the state, all the other kids were    .paid for by their parents. […]

I Messed Up


  When I was teenager I was really embarrassed that I was    .dyslexic, I would go out of my way to hide the fact that I was    .dyslexic.   As the years have passed I’ve realised that It is nothing to be   embarrassed about, in fact I now consider it as almost […]

This Is Going To Cost Me Big Time


Here in the UK it was a public holiday last Monday, and so I decided to take the weekend off,  well most of it anyway, which is quite a rare thing for me. So what did I do ? Being an English Bank Holiday the weather was typically not great, which rules out barbecues and […]

Aaarrrggghhh. !

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  Life can be a bit funny sometimes.. intellectually you know    .just living has its ups and downs, the good moments and the    .bad, and often the bad straight after the good.   We all know that life is not one generally positive level, but for   me being a “glass half full” […]

Listening To Pink FLoyd

Sarah at the Beach

One of the main reasons for a lot of people getting into Internet Marketing is the idea of working where you want and when you want, rather than being stuck in an office, commuting, and working the hours that someone else wants you to work.     Well we’re enjoying a little bit of a […]