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It’s illegal

I was standing in the pouring rain. It was freezing cold, and I was in central London. I was analysing a rather alarmingly large crack, which had appeared in my Tesla’s windscreen. This meant that I couldn’t drive my car as it’s illegal to drive with a large crack in your windscreen, so I had […]

£23,000 in Cash ??

Last Sunday Dave and I were counting out and checking £23,000 on my Mums dining table, this is the story of how that came about……. As you may know, dear reader, I am a bit of a fan of electric cars – quieter, faster, and self driving, and especially since my road trip to Scotland […]

Yesterday The Internet Broke

Yesterday a large chunk of the Internet stopped working! Why ? What happened?  As you’re probably aware a lot of things we do online and on our phones uses something called cloud computing and cloud storage. One of the largest companies on the Internet that handles cloud computing is Amazon S3. Yesterday one of Amazon’s […]

Help – Stop The President

hms president

That’s right.. They are scrapping the President..   No this has absolutely nothing to do with the US Presidential Elections, or any Presidential Elections anywhere else in the world. This is to do with HMS President. HMS President is a ship that was moored near Tower Bridge and St Katherine’s docks. There has been an HMS […]

A simple one word answer…


  This year I have an extensive programme to revise and    .update my products – do you know I have 28 products out    .there !   So the other day I was going through my files on the server,    .while checking the products, and  found the first ever Internet   marketing video […]