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  1. Good tip on not looking at email open rates and not worrying about offending subs because you’re offering them something to buy. Here’s question Michael…do you ever clean your lists from people who never open or haven’t opened emails for months?

  2. Sarah, The Tesla series is the best example of Q & A interviews yet. Keep up the great work!!


  3. Hi Sarah,
    Very interesting podcasts yesterday, the car is brilliant, all you can hear is the wind coming in the window,
    it is obviously a bit strange not having the sound of an engine but ingenious, I bet you are already sold on one!
    Look forward to the next podcast, this is exciting!!! What made me smile was when you were hesitant about taking
    your hands off the wheel completely, it is obviously a natural reaction when being used to driving the way we are
    used to and have been taught.
    The next podcast should be interesting, I am enjoying all the escapades along the way!!

  4. Tesla – the ideal car for interviews 🙂
    Hands free, eyes on the interviewee 🙂

    Great interview, thanks Michael & Sarah.

  5. Enjoyed the your journey and interview . The Tesla car looks fantastic .
    Thank you and cheers

  6. Great info video Sarah hoping to hear more

  7. Absolutely enthralling. For good old American [Miami FL] me. A great plus is my ability to listen to these interviews more than once:
    #1 to enjoy and pick up hints;
    #2 to clarify some language and hearing problems;
    #3 to re-listen, taking notes, and pausing the interview when I must complete recording a note before moving on.

    I always look forward to the next interview.

    Nice automobile!

  8. Hi Sarah
    I’m jealous..love the car I want one 🙂

    Lots of great tips on The Electric Road Trip. … Focus on Sales not clicks !

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