A misunderstanding

Last week I charged up my car…

Loaded up my luggage….

And set off for London at 5 AM in the morning…

One of the things I love about driving this early in the morning is watching the beautiful sunrise…

But this was a special trip…


















Because this was the first time in many years I was attending an Internet marketing live event!

I can’t believe I hadn’t been to any big live events since before lockdown…

I was also going to catch up with my family…

As well as having quite a busy few days in the office…

I was hosting a webinar
Had a zoom meeting to attend
And I had a zoom call booked in with my good friend Christopher John Payne for Monday

The event I was attending was AD CON In Wembley London…

What a great event…

There are about 350 people at the event along with some great speakers and some amazing content….

Two interesting things happened….

As you know I love to learn…

And it’s all too easy to not pay attention when somebody’s teaching a subject you know a lot about …..

To be honest I wasn’t expecting much when somebody I had never heard of came up on stage and started teaching a bunch of email marketing strategies…

I was impressed….

There’s always new stuff to learn on any subject …

Now he wasn’t selling anything from stage he was just giving some great content ….

However I tracked him down online and purchased his high ticket email marketing course….

I love learning new strategies….

And I also love relearning stuff I already know but taught from a different perspective …..

The other interesting thing that happened was I bumped into two old friends at this event …

I was out in the lobby getting a coffee and bumped into my good friend Ben Fathers….

I’ve known Ben for many years and we sat down and had a good chat …

He then told me that Chris Freville was also at the event, somewhere!!

The first ever networking event I went to in London back in 2008 was called the London lunch ….

And the person I sat next to that event was Chris Freville and he was the one that told me I should be building an email list!!!!

I was in deep conversation with Ben when Chris suddenly walked over ….

Wow we hadn’t seen each other for over 5 years …..

As you can imagine we ended up having a great conversation about all things Internet marketing….

We all agreed to meet up again in August for a mastermind where we can share ideas and strategies.

I can’t wait!!

The misunderstanding

Monday morning I was getting ready for my zoom call with Christopher John Payne.

I was trying to find my WebCam, in getting everything set up for the zoom call which was going to be held at lunchtime …

I then got a text message from Chris telling me the address of the restaurant where we were meeting up!!















For some reason I had completely miss read his text message from the previous month…

However I really value in person meet ups I think they can be really valuable….

Wow I only just made it in time…

I was parking my car in the restaurant car park and realised the car behind me was Chris’s car….

We had both arrived at the same time….

We had lunch and we ended up chatting for so long they asked us to leave the restaurant so they could close!

We retired to the pub and ended up talking for around five hours!

We covered subjects such as,

Book publishing
Artificial intelligence
How sci-fi is becoming reality
Email marketing

I think if we just had a zoom call we probably would have only been chatting for about an hour…

Make affiliate sales without websites or email lists?

This Monday am hosting a special live webinar where I’m going to be showing you how to make quick affiliate sales without needing to build websites or email lists .

Click here to sign up for this webinar 🙂

This will be a live webinar and I’ll have my WebCam on …

You have a chance to ask me any questions about the training or anything to do with Internet marketing …..

On the webinar I’m going to show you :

A new untapped way to sell affiliate products that no one is paying attention to and is very profitable.

How to generate a totally automated affiliate income spending only 10 minutes a week WITHOUT your own website.

Step process to scale your affiliate business to 6 figures or more with very little investment.

I look forward to seeing you on Mondays webinar,

Must go now because Dave and I are about to go to the garden centre….

Have a great Thursday whatever you’re doing,


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