Month: June 2019

Sinking feeling in my stomach

It was Saturday morning 10:45am and my frustration hit all-time high. Where was I? Sitting in my Tesla in a large traffic jam on the M4. On my way to Heathrow airport… I had that sinking feeling in my stomach… And I had a real possibility of missing my flight to California… The traffic crawled […]

All Alone

I’m sitting at my desk looking out of the window at a mountain range covered in snow! Where am I? Vancouver Canada… I’ve got some meetings this weekend… Then next I’m off to San Francisco for a trip to Silicon Valley which should be fun… My plane landed late Tuesday night… I had all of […]

Chatting to tech billionaires

Three weeks ago I was in San Francisco having great fun zipping around the streets on one of those new electric scooters from the company skip which you can rent.   This is a great alternative to taking a cab, and apparently they’re coming to London soon!!       One of the most interesting […]

Have you ever felt like this?

Have you ever had one of those days? You know, one of those days you didn’t feel like doing anything… In fact it was a day where you had tons of stuff to do…
 But you ended up doing nothing…
 And then at the end of the day you’re really annoyed with yourself…
 Well guess […]

He gave me a weird look and said no

Have you ever been afraid to ask for something? Asking someone out on a date… Trying to close a big sale…. Have you ever been afraid to take action? Launching a new product… Putting on a workshop…. Have you ever procrastinated? Well from personal experience I can definitely say yes to all of the above. […]

Lying on a hospital bed in agony…

Saturday morning, I found myself lying on a French hospital bed in agony. What happened? Well, on Thursday I drove over to France, taking the Channel Tunnel. It was a rather long drive, around five hours. Everything seemed fine until I sat down to watch a movie on the couch and my back started to […]