Month: August 2015

I Got A Flat Tyre

flat Tyre

  So there I was standing in the pouring rain staring at my flat    .tyre. I didn’t have a coat with me and my umbrella was    .broken. However I had purchased an upsell when I bought    .my car which was a spare tyre!!   Believe it or not when you purchased a […]

The Trail Of Disaster


  I was reading a Forum post this morning all about the biggest   challenges that Internet marketers face in 2015.   The challenge that two or three people said they had was    .keeping up with the continuous changes in Internet    .marketing.   Things seem to change so quickly that they just simply couldn’t keep […]

Living Off The Grid

living off the grid

  For the last 2 weeks I have been at my house in France-    .which is why you haven’t heard anything from me.   Now, as you may know, the house is completely isolated from   the digital world many of us live in, no fibre-optic cable, no    .mobile phone signal, no television… […]