Month: February 2016

what would you do ?

list building

  So there I was in my hospital bed, making money by sending   out affiliate offers via email to my list.   In those days my list was very small but I was still making      .really good money from it.   So what would you do ? Well I quickly realised that […]

The nurses were stunned..

vision board

  I don’t know what it’s like in your country, but here in the UK     the government has seen motorists, smokers, and drinkers as   the people to milk taxation wise.   In the UK something like 95% of the total cost of petrol goes    .in taxation, but how much of it gets […]

I Have Just Wasted A Whole Morning

time management

  I hope, dear reader, that you are like me..   You have long term goals, medium term targets, and short-    .term “To-Do” lists..   However every now and then you have to deal with things    .that crop up unexpectedly and distract you and divert you from what you are meant to be […]