Month: September 2015



  Last weekend Dave and I went over to France to see the    .house, check on the builders (and pay some cash) and also    .to see the Lunar eclipse.. well not me but Dave…   The sun was shining, the sky was blue with not a cloud in    .sight, and the house […]

Now Before You Ask


  One thing that really irritates me about having a mobile phone   is the amount of missed calls I get.   As far as I’m concerned a mobile phone is for use when you    .are mobile, out of the house.   I actually prefer to speak on a landline phone rather than a […]

What A Rip Off


This morning I was hard at work recording some training videos for my new email list building course “List Multiplier” When I make my training videos I normally wear my headphones – Just so I can make sure that there is no background noise coming through the microphone. In the middle of recording one of […]

They Said It Would Never Take Off


This thought brings together 2 separate thought processes that were relevant when I started Internet Marketing and are still relevant today. The first is that one of the benefits of being an Internet Marketer should be being able to work when and where you want. So you aren’t tied to an office, you aren’t tied to office hours,  and […]