Month: August 2016

You Have To See This It’s So Cool…

Armand Moran

Becoming a successful Internet marketer has changed my life it’s giving me the freedom to travel and never have to worry about money again. However one negative thing that can happen is that you can lose touch with what is happening in the industry.  This is because it’s very easy to focus 100 percent just […]


Well I hope you have all had a good break, or are about to have one. I don’t know what it’s like in the US and when your holiday periods are. I guess the big difference between the US and Europe is that most people get around 4 weeks paid holiday in Europe. Taking the […]

Best Laid Plans…


This is a story about how I set out to do an interview with Michael Wilding and ended up driving around most of Cambridgeshire and South Yorkshire instead.This is also a story about the 6 Ps. Proper Preparation Prevents P!”$s Poor Performance And it’s also about how a Road Trip can become an Adventure. And […]



This week I’m on a road trip testing a brand-new electric car The Tesla model S. I’m taking a road trip all the way from London to Scotland only using the free Tesla superchargers. I collected the car yesterday from the dealership and so far I’ve been incredibly impressed. It was kind of weird having the […]

Tesla Road Trip – Day 1

Sarah's Tesla

Today I collected the Tesla from the dealership near Gatwick airport and drove to sidcup to visit Martin Avis. It was really weird having the car drive itself round the M25!! I did a really cool interview with Martin Avis in the car, and filmed it. I will posts the video interview with Martin tomorrow […]

Tesla Road Trip – Range Anxiety

electric car charger

I’ve always thought that an electric car was a good idea, but, amongst other concerns, I’ve always worried about its range – how far it would go on a single full charge. Then I heard about Tesla. Now the Tesla Model S is an electric car with a range of between 300 and 360 miles […]

Having A Rant – Top Gear


  WOW the BBC it’s being sued for creating fake car reviews.    Because I have run a video production company, and done a   fair number of car videos for Nissan, and for car dealers (Clive Sutton), and for Kart racing companies, it has been   ..blatantly obvious to me that ALL of those […]

Electric cars and free traffic

car charger

Only a week to go till my electric car road trip to Scotland so I’ve been super busy this week organising everything.   Which route to take…..   Who to visit on the way…..   Where the Tesla superchargers are !   Etc However despite the running around one of the things I have managed […]