Month: June 2016

My Big Phobia

  How I Became the most Valued Person at School   When I went to the special school for Dyslexic kids I was    .bullied at first, simply because I was the only kid there whose   education was paid for by the state, all the other kids were    .paid for by their parents. […]

Get My New Book for Free …

  Why aren’t Computers More Reliable ?   So there I was on Wednesday evening in the middle of a    .webinar and my mouse decided to stop working !   Ever resourceful I managed to get round it but then I asked    .myself “Why is it a mouse only lasts about 3 years […]

I think I broke a few toes

  Apologies dear reader..   I would have sent this out yesterday but I was rushing around   trying to get ready for a meeting out of the office, and in doing   so hit my foot against the edge of a bookshelf and broke a    .few  toes and bruised my foot ! Can […]