Month: May 2016

Time to turn on the air conditioning

  At long last summer has come to us in the UK.   Now, for those of you who don’t live in the UK, summer is    .when the rain is no longer freezing.   Actually it’s not usually that bad, here on the South Coast the   temperature gets high enough to walk around in […]

A Trip Down Memory Lane

 I was standing in the driveway waving goodbye to my mother  with a lump in my throat.  it was September 1985 and I had  just been dropped off at boarding school for the first time.  One thing I learned very quickly was the difference between  rich and okay ! Some of the other children had […]

Disaster major screw up

  Last weekend  123 Reg managed to delete about 20,000    .customers websites due to a coding error in a “clean-up”    .programme they ran.I sincerely hope your website, or a    .website you were using, was  not one of those affected.   This major screw up was the result of carelessness and    .incompetence […]