Time to turn on the air conditioning

1560444  At long last summer has come to us in the UK.

  Now, for those of you who don’t live in the UK, summer is    .when the rain is no longer freezing.

  Actually it’s not usually that bad, here on the South Coast the   temperature gets high enough to walk around in short sleeved shirts and shorts…..

  Thing is though, I have so much computing    .power in my office, plus  3 video screens, that    .the whole system generates loads of heat. 

 .So even on a cloudy day in summer I have to  .put the air-conditioning on.


Are You Like This ?

So I usually speak to customers after they buy a high ticket item.

Helps me to understand you guys better and gives me a chance to get people who have spent a bit onto the right path.

So there I was, speaking to a guy in the US via Skype, and he was telling me about all the products he had bought.

So I asked if he had done anything with them ?

The phone went very quiet.

Haltingly he confessed that he hadn’t, and more to the point, even though he had bought loads of products, he hadn’t made a penny online.

Does that sound familiar to you ?

Are you like that ?

So I got  him to concentrate on one objective – start making some commissions.

Then I got him to write down his 4 key tasks in his notebook.

And told him to announce them on Facebook, and when he was going to have them done by.

Making a public commitment is a very good strategy for making sure that you follow through with tasks.

Try it…. NOW..

My new Samsung Galaxy Edge 7 – wow what a phone.

  Two weeks ago the battery inside my old    .“cell” started to play up.

 .All of a sudden the battery would run flat  .after about three hours of use.

 .So I did what you do and started to look  .online for a new battery.

I’d seen loads of programmes on TV recently about the danger of buying cheap fake Chinese mobile phone batteries.

Lots of demonstrations on TV of them catching fire or exploding.

So I was determined to buy a genuine Samsung battery.

But after searching online for 45 minutes I couldn’t find one.

So I decided to buy a new phone.

How did I know which phone to buy? 

Well I went to one of my favourite, techy YouTube channels.

Mobile Tech Review 🙂

Mobile tech reviews all the best new mobile gadgets. I’ve been watching her channel for a number of years now and bought loads of recommended products.

Anyway I decided to buy the Samsung Galaxy Edge 7. 

Wow.  is all I can say. What an amazing phone.

The voice recognition is amazing I can send text messages Skype messages and even search Google without even having to use the keyboard.

For a dyslexic person this is heaven.

Have a look at the online review yourself click here 🙂

If you’re looking for a new mobile phone I can definitely recommend the Samsung Galaxy edge 7

Oh yeah and by the way the battery seems to last more than a couple of days!!!

Apparently It’s waterproof as well, haven’t quite tried that one out yet….

London Lunch

My good friend Martin Avis hosts the London Lunch, one of the best places to network with other Internet marketers. 

It was one of the first ever live Internet marketing events I attended and certainly changed my path for the better. 

You can sign up for the London lunch using this link 🙂

All the best,

Sarah Staar

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