Month: November 2016



I am convinced the police are raising more money to fund themselves by lowering the levels at which they give you a speeding ticket. It used to be that if you were doing 10 miles an hour over the limit you got a “pass” So a couple of months ago I was coming back from […]

I Was Wrong….

Making Facebook Advertising Really Work – Part 1 I want to share with you a little story about the last few days.. This is absolutely true and has more than a few tips and hints in it for you… So last Monday I decided to set up a brand-new video-based ad campaign on Facebook. I […]

Did Trump Use Pattern Interrupt ?

usa vote

Is there anything to Trump’s success, other than he just simply found a group of voters that had been ignored by everyone else, politicians and media especially ? Some of his interviews have been very revealing, to those of us who are into “why” stuff actually works. Whether you are for or against Donald Trump […]

Swimming With Snakes

swimming with snakes

So…. As you probably know I have been in the USA (Land of the Free And The Home of The Brave….),visiting relatives in Iowa with my Mum. Having been back a week it has given me the time to reflect on my experiences. WildLife Encounters We were visiting  a small town called Williamsburg. Williamsburg is […]