I am convinced the police are raising more money to fund themselves by lowering the levels at which they give you a speeding ticket.

It used to be that if you were doing 10 miles an hour over the limit you got a “pass”

So a couple of months ago I was coming back from a visit to the Tesla office near Crawley and apparently got photographed by a speed camera.


3 weeks later I got a speeding ticket

I was driving 9 miles an hour over the speed limit!

I received a letter three weeks later to tell me I had two choices.

Pay a fine and receive three points on my driver’s license or Attend a driver awareness course.



I chose option 2.

Now after I finish this newsletter I’ve got to go and attend this driver awareness course.

Thing is, Dave has just been sent a speeding ticket as well..

He is being ticketed for doing 80mph in a 70 mile zone..

If that was applied everywhere and to everyone then pretty nearly every motorway driver would be prosecuted.

So why this change in increasing sensitivity ?? has to be funding….

How to Pay Less Tax  – in 3 Easy Steps

This evening Dave is giving a webinar on how to avoid being done for tax, create assets that you can sell, and give you tax free money back.

Now you may think that this is only for people making big money – you are wrong.

What Dave is going to show you is that anybody can benefit from watching this webinar, anyone from.

– A small bricks-and-mortar business

– An internet marketer that does a few $000 every now and then from affiliate marketing

– A serious affiliate marketer with their own email list

– An internet marketer that has a big product range and a big email list turning over hundreds of $000 s

You can’t get this information online.

It’s the system we use in Sarah Staar Business School and it has given us a multi-million $ value in the US.

And it works in the US and UK !

Interested ?

Go here to register 🙂

Why are Black Friday and Cyber Monday so close together!

In the UK most Black Friday shopping is done online anyway…  So what’s the point ?

I’ve never done a promotional Black Friday before because it’s one of those days where everybody  is emailing offers and your inbox gets full of dodgy Black Friday emails.

So I guess I always thought there was too much competition, I was wrong.

Last Friday – just as a test – I emailed a Black Friday offer for the first time.

I got an amazing response, and it proved to be a very profitable day.

It just goes to show  that competition  is sometimes a good thing…

So YES – I tried a black Friday sale –  and it worked!

100TB of storage and counting!

The control center has been extended…

In the last 2 months i have purchased another 45TB of hard drive storage space.  Why?

To protect myself from ransomware.

I do a backup each month of my products and crucial parts of the business – and then I keep the backups offline, I absolutely do not rely on server backups that are stored on the same server that has just been (possibly) hacked !

In other words I do the backups  and then unplug the hard drives from my computer and keep them in a cupboard.

50 TB of storage equates to, 50,000 GB of data!!! This is way too much data to upload to the cloud  for backup.

My next step is to  store my  backup data offsite,  this is to protect me against, a house fire, a flood, or a burglary.

This stuff is “Mission Critical” and needs to be looked after properly.

Got to go now or i will be late for my drivers awareness course,

Have a great day whatever you are doing,

Sarah Staar

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