Month: March 2020

Zooming Along

Okay I’ve, Washed all the windows in the house Mowed the lawn Relabelled all the spice jars in the kitchen Put all my books in alphabetical order Okay I guess it’s time to start doing some of this work from home stuff… Sound familiar….. That’s exactly how I felt 20 years ago when I started […]

Panic buying here in France

Wow what a week it’s been in France with the Coronavirus.
 I went shopping on Monday and had to wait in line for almost 2 hours at the checkout.
 For some strange reason everybody was panic buying toilet roll!!
 Here in France we been told to stay at home for the next 15 days!!
 Apparently […]

The IKEA Hack

Ikea Hack

A lot of people love old technology… Such as… • Steam engines
 • Classic cars
 • Vintage computer equipment
 • Antique typewriters
 For me it’s audio and video equipment…
 Believe it or not I still have a collection of, – VHS tapes
- Laserdiscs
- Audio cassettes
- CD’s and Supper Audio CD’s
- Vinyl The only problem is […]