Tesla Road Trip – Range Anxiety

electric car chargerI’ve always thought that an electric car was a good idea, but, amongst other concerns, I’ve always worried about its range – how far it would go on a single full charge.

Then I heard about Tesla.

Now the Tesla Model S is an electric car with a range of between 300 and 360 miles !!

And ¬†0 – 60 of 4.4 secs, so it will burn off a Ferrari and still not pay the congestion charge ūüôā

Pretty darn good eh ?

But then I discovered that Tesla have also installed free to use superchargers all over the world – and that includes the UK!

So when you use a supercharger you get roughly 80% of charge in 30 minutes. This is seriously cool.

tesla model s  WOW, I am definitely thinking about buying   the Tesla Model S.

¬† Ditching the Evoque – it’s all old technology ¬† now !!


However Tesla’s are rather expensive  The base model of the car with no options costs around  £53,000  and if you select all of the options, fully loaded, it costs a whopping £123,400!!!!!

So before I buy a car of this calibre with very new technology I need to do a serious road test.


Now, this is what I’m going to do‚Ķ..


I’m hiring a fully loaded Tesla Model S, ¬†brand new with 0 miles on the clock, ¬†and I’m going to drive it all the way up to Scotland, stopping at various places along the way, and then drive it all the way back down to London.

I’m also going to document the entire process ¬†with videos and newsletter updates.

And I will be visiting  a few Internet marketers along the way,

Martin Avis  in London

Michael Wilding in Peterborough

Neil Morgan in Glasgow

Kathy and Angela In Dundee Scotland

Stopping off at various charging points en route….

Now I know that a lot of you are interested in new ideas and technology and getting in there early, so If there’s anything about Teslas you would like me to test then reply to this email ¬†and I will answer your question in ¬†‚ÄúThe Road Trip Video‚ÄĚ


I’ll keep you updated as I’m travelling‚Ķ


all the best,


Sarah Staar


PS: I’m super excited ¬†this car has something called autopilot, ¬†it’s freaking driving itself!!!

PPS: Being an Internet marketer means that I can do cool things like take a week long road trip while still having money coming in on autopilot.  

¬†If you’d like to learn how to have a lifestyle like this (and to be able to afford a fully loaded Tesla S) join me for a free affiliate marketing class by clicking here ūüôā

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