They Said It Would Never Take Off

This thought brings together 2 separate thought processes that were relevant when I started Internet Marketing and are still relevant today.

The first is that one of the benefits of being an Internet Marketer should be being able to work when and where you want.

So you aren’t tied to an office, you aren’t tied to office hours,  and your “office” can be literally anywhere.


One of my office locations is a five minute walk from my house, the beach!!  Luckily for me my local beach does have wireless Internet!!  

So what you need to run your business – or at least monitor results. do emails etc – is not a big power hungry PC.   One that weighs a ton and needs a plug !

The second thought is how you can use technology to work smarter- not harder.

Now one thing I have noticed is that as laptops get to replace PC’S… they are getting heavier and the battery life seems to stay the same  – or get shorter.

Lugging a big heavy power hungry laptop around with you is not fun. However purchasing a extremely lightweight thin laptop with a 10 hour battery life must be expensive ?  right??

A few years ago I purchased a new type of laptop called a Chromebook. A chrome book is like a normal laptop, but it doesn’t have an operating system…. it just has a web browser.

The benefit of owning a Chromebook is,

There are incredibly cheap (around $200)

Very lightweight (about 1 kg = 2.2 pounds)

The battery life is typically around 10 hours

Boots up in about three seconds!

A Chromebooks can’t get a virus

When I first purchased my Chromebook everybody was talking about how Google’s new Chromebook would never take off because you needed an Internet connection to make it work.

Fast forward three years and Chromebooks have now become the largest selling laptop computer.

Other than lightness and long battery life…the other major advantage is that with all your files stored in the cloud you can pick up where you left off pretty much anywhere.

Oh and another thing people hadn’t worked out is that you can share documents with others anywhere on the planet.

That’s working smarter not harder. Something I am a great proponent of.

Often I go to seminars or conferences and I see people scrambling around trying to find power points to plug their laptops in, as the batteries don’t last the length of a conference day.

I find being able to work on the beach with a fantastic view gives me great inspiration when writing.

Anyway I must finish the section up now as the tide is coming in!!!

(But if my Chromebook gets wet it doesn’t matter too much because all my work (and this newsletter) is stored in the cloud)




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Convert text between upper case, lower case, sentence case and capitalized case


all the best,


Sarah Staar

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