I Got A Flat Tyre

flat Tyre  So there I was standing in the pouring rain staring at my flat    .tyre. I didn’t have a coat with me and my umbrella was    .broken. However I had purchased an upsell when I bought    .my car which was a spare tyre!!


Believe it or not when you purchased a new car in the UK A spare wheel is not included.

A spare wheel is now an upsell ! 

Changing a tyre in the rain is no fun.. Whenever you bend down to take a nut off the wheel, or place the jack under the car, water drips down your back !

After about 45 minutes of cursing and swearing we finally managed to change the wheel and take it to a tyre centre around the corner to be repaired.

We switched on the heated seats , another upsell,  in the car and by the end of the two hour car journey back home we were almost dry… This is how I started my week on Monday….   

Thank goodness for upsell’s ….


Meanwhile back in France


As you may know…..back in March we purchased our neighbour’s house in France.

The renovations started last month and things are moving along quickly, including converting an old barn which is attached to the building. 

Hopefully everything should be watertight (doors,windows guttering,drainpipes etc) by the end of September.

The idea is to turn the new house into a holiday let so that we can get a return on our investment. 

Yesterday I was making a list of all the different upsell’s which we can include with the house.

Game consoles, Swimming pool use, fishing on our own private lake etc…

Whenever creating any product or service I think it’s important to always offer upsell’s. Upsell’s can sometimes double or triple the amount of money which you can make from selling a front end product.

For example, a couple of Dave’s friends who are  fishermen (in rivers…… not the sea !!) say that off season they are happy to pay £500 a week for accommodation and £1000 a week for good fishing…


talk soon,


Sarah Staar

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