What A Rip Off

This morning I was hard at work recording some training videos for my new email list building course “List Multiplier”

When I make my training videos I normally wear my headphones – Just so I can make sure that there is no background noise coming through the microphone.

In the middle of recording one of my videos I started to hear what sounded like a couple of piston-engined airplanes.


So I turned everything off and went out into the garden (a nice sunny autumn day) and there was a flight (4 planes) of Spitfires heading out over the Channel.

Amazing .. you can always tell a Spitfire by the shape of the wing and the distinctive sound of a Rolls Royce Merlin engine.

A bit later a flight of Hurricanes came over..

And then a Blenheim light bomber with an escort of Spitfires and Hurricanes…

It was pretty amazing  and not a little awe-inspiring to see Spitfires in formation flying over my house. Especially having started flying lessons to get my pilot’s licence.

This was The Battle of Britain flypast, a 75 years memorial.

Mixed emotions though..

The other week I talked to one of the French guys who are sorting out the land around the house in France about all these WW2 planes.

His parents lived through the invasion in 1944 and he said because of that they hated all these planes flying over whenever there was some memorial, too many bad memories.

Everyone, (rightly) remembers the gallantry and sacrifice of British, Commonwealth, and Polish (!) pilots.

What the other side lost as well.

But what about the civilians caught in the middle of it ?


Video Rental


Back in the good old days you could pop into your local video store and rent a video for a few ££ at most.

When I lived in London I had a  favourite Video shop “For your eyes only” (one of the last of the independents) where I could go and rent 3 videos (or Blu-rays) for £6.


  You would think a shop like this would    .struggle to do business in this day and age.    .However they are doing incredible business.   Last time I had a chat to




the owner Mark (above) he informed me that they’ve had a surge of new business over the last 12 months!!

A couple of days ago I rented a video online via Amazon and playback on my media center… £5!!

Now let’s think about this for  moment….

My video store has to bear the cost of rental of the property, London rates, and the cost of buying the videos they lend out – which are many times the cost we pay in the supermarkets.

Amazon pays none of those costs..

So the cost to Amazon of delivering the video to me at home over the internet is next to nothing…




The video that you “hire” from Amazon is a lower quality than that which I can get from my video store..

Something stinks here.. And when it all unravels…

But know I know why so many kids download videos from (illegal) torrents

Whatever happened to the good old fashioned video shop??

Seems to me like they could be making a come-back.




Onlywire  Social Bookmarking Tool


Winrar – Free Compression Tool , alternative to winzip



Online Logo Maker



all the best,


Sarah Staar

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