what would you do ?

1532672  So there I was in my hospital bed, making money by sending   out affiliate offers via email to my list.

  In those days my list was very small but I was still making      .really good money from it.

  So what would you do ?

Well I quickly realised that building my email list and finding better and better products was a great way to generate income- which is why my list is now around 70,000.

And the return was way better than anything else I was doing.

At that time people were teaching building websites and blogs, getting them ranked in Google and so forth.

And of course when Google changed its Algorithm for ranking sites that whole way of getting traffic and selling products went out the window.

But with my email list I was pretty near immune to those changes !

Around the same time Clickbank got massively more strict in what you could promote and how, so the number of good products to promote dried up.

So I started developing my own products and literally doubled my income !

This is why I spent the last seven years mastering the art of not only building my email list, but of building a relationship with the people on my list so that they’re more comfortable with buying from me..

(NOTE The money is not in the list, it’s in the relationship you have with your list !!)


Music Live

No I have not become a DJ !

As some of you may know I actually come from a musical background, both my parents were professional musicians working in some of the top orchestras in the world.

My mother was a concert violinist, and my father was a French horn player.

I think the music thing skipped a generation with me and my sister…

My mother has now semi-retired and teaches the violin. 

However, she also sells a very successful and well-regarded series of violin and viola teaching books.

Tomorrow I’m going to be helping my mum out and “womaning”  the stand at a music exhibition called Music Live. 

  And this is me helping mum  out at Music   Live  in 2015.

  So, contrary to rumours, I don’t just sit in     my control centre all day !

  Ah the exotic life of an internet Marketeer !


all the best,

Sarah Staar

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