A simple one word answer…

1515489  This year I have an extensive programme to revise and    .update my products – do you know I have 28 products out    .there !

  So the other day I was going through my files on the server,    .while checking the products, and  found the first ever Internet   marketing video I ever filmed…

In 2008 I went to an Internet marketing seminar called “More Traffic/Bigger List” run by Frank Garon in a hotel out in Hammersmith. 

Now back then I still had a full-time job in the television production industry and  I just happened to have a camcorder with me.

After the event I filmed a quick interview with several of the attendees from the workshop and I think it’s worthwhile for you to just listen to what they had to say…

Go to video clip 🙂

By the way it was at that event that quite a lot of people were stunned that I was making money while the seminar was running !

Yes even then I was ahead of the game…

The One Thing

Having talked to a lot of you who have bought my coaching/mentoring, and my products, I know how difficult it can be for you to keep focussed

It can all be a bit overwhelming  can’t it ?

You have all the information you need.  You know which products to promote and even the traffic sources to use. 

But sometimes it’s hard to know where to start.  it’s all too easy to start watching cat videos on Facebook or YouTube,  we’ve all been there…

Then what happens?   An email hits our inbox, bright new shiny product…. we start learning about some new strategy or tactic ….

Information overload…

And even I sometimes get overwhelmed, so what do I do ?

I switch off my computer and go for a walk. 

Then when I get home I create a shortlist of priority tasks which I need to complete.

And  I always find it’s best to concentrate on the one thing in your business that’s going to generate you the most cash.

So what I want you to do NOW is write that thing down on a piece of paper and stick it up on the wall !

Finding images for your website

One of the questions people ask me all the time is where to find royalty free photos to use on your website or Facebook page, and not everyone has a photographer as  a partner !

There are two different types of websites which I use.

1.   Royalty free photo websites – this is where you can get images and photos for free to use on your websites.

2.   Stock photo sites –  these are the types of sites where you pay a very small fee to purchase the rights to use an image or photo.

Below I’ve listed a few of my favourite sites that I use all the time.

1.   Free stock photo sites.

Just make sure to check the license. Some require attribution, but the standard license is ready for commercial or personal use.




2.   Paid stock photo sites

The images and photos you can get from paid stock photo sites are of very high quality and do not cost huge amount of money. I  typically pay between $0.50 – $1 for a photo or image.

http://en.fotolia.com  (my favourite site)   


What is  the highest quality traffic source right now?

A simple one word answer is …….YouTube !!

From 2009 right up to the present day my highest quality traffic source has always been YouTube.  I don’t know why but people from YouTube tend to not only be more likely to opt into my email list but also end up buying more of the top-end products.

The great thing about YouTube traffic is it doesn’t have to cost any money. In fact some of my highest paid licensed partner team members are getting all of their traffic right now from YouTube.

Let me know if you’d like me to put together any tutorials about YouTube marketing for you.  Simply reply to this email…


I don’t open my coaching programme up very often as its quite demanding on my time, but I have been talking to a lot of you who have purchased my List Multiplier product and some of my other top-end products and the question I am getting increasingly asked is “Do you offer coaching ?”

So I’m opening my coaching program up again.

It’s usually massively oversubscribed, last year I only allowed 10 people into my face-to-face programme, but next week I’m going to be opening the doors once again.

It’s not cheap, in fact it costs $8,000,  but last year I completely sold out.

What people really like is that I, and my team, are really really good at holding people to account.

Plus, it means that you know for sure you have always got days set aside where you can focus on developing your business.

If you’d like to apply for my  coaching please contact me directly by email.

all the best, 


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