Conversations at 30,000 feet

It’s amazing the conversations you can have at 30,000 feet flying at 600 miles an hour.
There I was in business class standing by the fruit bowl on my way to Cleveland last week when I should bump into a like-minded traveller.

Matt asked what I did and I told him that I was an Internet Marketer and explained exactly what that meant. Matt told me that he was the CEO of a corporate security software company.

We ended up having a three-hour chat all about electric cars, artificial intelligence, the looming economic crash, the value of bitcoin and how to profit from all of this.

We were deep in conversation when the seat belt light came on. I’m sure if it had been a much longer flight, we would have continued to chat.

This was just the start of my seven-day trip to Cleveland in the United States. I was attending the Dan Kennedy Info Summit event.

Whenever I attend Internet Marketing events, I always set off with a clear strategy in mind.
This time I was looking for tips on how to expand my business and, as always, new traffic techniques.

Just on the plane journey over, I picked up loads of useful advice about how to expand my business.

I will have to travel business class more often!

At the event I picked up several strategies on how to expand my business rapidly, and also, some new traffic techniques, some of which, I’ve already put into action.

I’m going to be making a separate video or audio file all about this later in the week, so look out for it.

On Wednesday, I bumped into John, who I first met on the Internet Marketers Cruise in January.

Back in January John was a compleat beginner.

I remember John telling me he would like to try his hand at affiliate marketing.

I mapped out a plan for John on the cruise and he spent the rest of the time going from person to person asking tips and strategies on how to profit from affiliate marketing.

I guess by the end of the cruise, John had enough information to go away with, and build an Internet Marketing business because when I spoke to John last Wednesday, he told me that he was currently making about $6,000 a month, just from affiliate marketing.

I guess John must have taken massive action after the cruise.

This is an example of some of the results you can get from attending an event like the Internet Marketers Cruise.

There are currently only a few spaces left on the Internet Marketers Cruise for next January and I’d love for you to come along and be my guest on the next cruise.

Click here to book your place 🙂

If you book your place on the next Internet Marketers Cruise, you’re welcome to sit down with me for a couple of hours and I’ll map out the strategy for you to guarantee success.

You’ll also have a chance to network and have fun with some of the top Internet Marketers in the world.

The great thing about the Internet Market Cruises, it’s the perfect event if you’re a complete beginner or even an intermediate Internet Marketer.

And you get to have dinner with:

– Sarah Staar
– The Full Sarah Staar Business School Team, all 6 of us!
– Complete beginners
– Internet millionaires
– People who make a couple of grand a month working from home

The tips and strategies you can pick up are pure gold.
I learn something new every single time I attend the Internet Marketers Cruise.

Must go now and catch up on some sleep!!

All the best,

Sarah Staar

“If somebody offers you an amazing opportunity but you are not sure you can do it, say yes – then learn how to do it later!”

― Richard Branson

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