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San Diego  This afternoon I’ve been frantically rushing round the house    .throwing things into a suitcase because I’m about to leave the   house and catch a plane to San Diego.

  One thing I have done that has made the whole booking in    .process so much easier is download the British Airways App    .to my phone, so have booked in today.

Last year, when I was on the Internet Marketers cruise, I discovered that the cruise clashed with the Traffic and Conversion Summit….

So this year I decided not to go on the cruise but head instead for San Diego and the Traffic and Conversion Summit in California.

I love learning about new traffic strategies and techniques and when I get back I will be sharing some of the latest traffic strategies that I learn with you.

I will also enjoy meeting up with a few good friends, some of whom have appeared on webinars this year.




Before I head off to sunny California I want to tell you about some really cool free tools which I regularly use to find domain names.

Domain name tools People always say to me that all the best domain names have gone, not true.

So below are three really cool tools which I use regularly whenever I need to find a new domain name.

You can literally find domain names which are impossible to find any other way. You put in a keyword, I put in “money” as an example, and then you can decide on a word to be added as a prefix or suffix.

I found loads of amazing domain names such as,

These were all available today!! And loads more

Short domain name search does exactly what it says on the tin, displays loads of short domain names, this can be very useful.

This is a tool I have  been using for a number of years. You type in a keyword and it will list domain names that were available in various different formats.

I hope you found that useful, I must run now as I got to catch my flight !!

I will be taking loads of notes at the traffic and conversion Summit this week so I will keep you updated.

All the best,


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