No Fracking Way!!

There’s a lot of talk about being green. Recycling, installing insulation in your house, saving electricity you know what I’m talking about.

There is also a lot of objection to things like,

  • fracking
  • nuclear power
  • carbon, coal, fossil fuels

The strange thing is that very few people stop to think about where electricity actually comes from?

Personally, I think green energy should be marketed as a way of saving money not a way of saving the planet. After all, everybody wants to save money right?

ecotricityToday I switched to a new energy supplier called Ecotricity.

When I told Dave I was switching to a new power company, a power company which generated all its electricity from solar and wind Dave’s reaction was, Why?

I said to Dave, let me put it a different way. I’m switching to a power company that doesn’t rely on gas and electricity imported from abroad.

Dave’s reaction, okay got it!

The main reason I switched to Ecotricity was because I’ve ordered an electric car.

Ecotricity gives a discount to electric car owners and they allow you to charge your car for free at Welcome Break service stations up and down the country.

The cool thing is is that the electricity and gas costs about the same as I’m currently paying!

The other thing I’m doing is having a special electricity meter installed called economy seven, this will give me half price electricity during off-peak times, 12 AM to 6 AM.

Apparently, you can set a timer inside your car to charge between those times.

Exciting green times ahead…..

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