The 7K dyslexic Mistake

post boxOkay, so I was at an Internet marketing event a couple of months ago and I got chatting to Neil Stafford. He told me about a cool strategy, promoting webinars using direct mail, you know “snail mail”, old fashioned paper post…

I thought to myself okay I am definitely going to try this,sometime….


Email open rates are pretty low

A one-pager letter  is more personal

You can reach people who may have “switched off” from emails

A couple of weeks later I was brainstorming ways to get more traffic to my new squeeze page promoting my next webinar.

The next morning (Friday) I phoned up  the direct mail company, they told me it was definitely possible to get a direct mail sales letter out and have it delivered to people’s houses by Monday or Tuesday.

Deadlines were tight BUT if I could get the letter to them within the next couple of hours they could guarantee the delivery in time for my webinar.

I put the phone down grabbed my direct marketing box file, full of marketing letters from other internet marketers, and ran downstairs.

I just dumped the contents on the living room floor and started analysing what other marketers were doing with direct mail. After about an hour or two I had a clear idea in my mind of what I was going to talk about in my sales letter.

I quickly put together a one page sales letter, printed it out, and sort of proofread it.

Okay I must admit I proofread it about as good as a dyslexic person can !

I sent it over to the mail house along with an Excel spreadsheet of names and addresses of 600 of my customers, and paid them £271.

Phew !!!   I just about made it in time……

Okay now here’s the funny part…..

I get a Skype message on Tuesday morning from one of my team, Catherine. (I  had put her name on the list as a seed name to check the mailing and timing)

She told me I had made a big error in the headline.

It was meant to say how to make £1K per day……… instead it said how to make £1 per day!!!!

Now the interesting part is I was tracking all of the traffic that was coming from the direct mail piece.

I have just looked at my numbers.

Now bearing in mind all the sales aren’t all in yet, but it looks like we’ve made over $7000 so far just from the direct mail traffic.

Now that’s not a bad return, considering I only spent £270 on the traffic!!

And the point is….

It’s better to do something badly, than not do something at all!

I think I will try a bit more of this direct-mail stuff…… I will keep you informed of what happens. I think next time I will get someone else to write the sales letter!!! (Dave ??!!)

Christmas Affiliate marketing

Quite a few people think that Christmas is not a good time to promote Internet Marketing products – especially of the knowledge based sort.

However if you are a regular reader of this newsletter you will know that my experience is exactly the opposite !

In fact, one of the best times to promote offers is when people have had enough of the food (and maybe the annoying friends or family) and they are thinking about What Xmas has cost them.

What they are going to do different in their lives next year.

So why not get into Affiliate marketing with Affiliate Formula X:-)

You will find at least one way you can recoup the cost of Christmas…

And it’s going to be more entertaining.

And it’s going to help you start the New Year with a bang !


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