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OMG, imagine the best rollercoaster ride combined with your favourite video game, you’re still not even close to the feeling of flying a helicopter…

Two weeks ago I was sitting in the pilot seat flying a helicopter for the first time.

What an amazing feeling!! I was flying along the sandy beaches of the south coast of England, what an amazing view!!


I’ve always been told that flying helicopters is a very difficult thing to do, however I didn’t find it that hard!

After about 30 minutes or so I started to get the hang of it.



Click here to watch a video of my helicopter lesson 🙂

The airport I took off from, Goodwood,  is only about a 15 minute drive from where I live so I think I’m definitely gonna do some more lessons, it’s just too much fun!!

I’m not sure whether I will go for my pilots licence since there’s around nine written exams involved. At the moment it’s just kind of a fun thing to do.

I don’t think I am going to buy or share a helicopter, for a start they only last about 10 years then you effectively have to have them re-built.

The other thing is that, just like cars, technology is moving so fast that helicopters will possibly become an old technology within 10 years.


Lithium-jetThe Lilium jet is a good example of how technology, and especially battery technology, is accelerating the pace of change in many industries

The Lilium jet is going to be completely autonomous so there is no need for a pilot’s licence – seriously cool stuff. I have put my name on the waiting list.

Reading kindle books in the car

 One of the things I love to do on long journeys  is to read books in the car, This is easy to do as my car has autopilot, just kidding…

The way I read books in the car is by using an app on my phone called Audible these are books read by actors, audiobooks.

There are around  250,000 books available in the library, so most books are available.

However, every now and again there is an Internet marketing Kindle book that’s not available in Audible, so how do I read these in the car?

It’s kind of a hack  but then I like that kind of thing, so this is how I do it.

I use my Amazon Alexa to read my Kindle book.

I hook up an audio cable from my Alexa  to my Phone.

I then set Alexa off reading my Kindle book, and hit record on the audio recorder app on my phone.

I usually do this at night since some books can be up to 10 hours long.

In the morning  I’ve got the full audiobook ready as an MP3 audio file.

I then use a really cool app called Listen Audiobook Player this makes it convenient to play the audiobook files faster than real-time, 1.5 times normal speed, similar to what audible does.

Just another useful hack from a dyslexic person.

I think I need to put together a little e-book, I could call it “The dyslexic hacker” what you think?

New logo from Fiverr

 I’ve been in business since 2008 and I think I’ve done pretty well as an Internet marketer.

Personally I’m not really seen much use for things like logos, pretty business cards, or slick -looking websites.

I’m more interested in getting things good enough to make money.

However my business now has got the kind of size where I think I need at least a logo!! (And a registered trade mark)

Three weeks ago I went to, and did a search on the keyword “logos”.

This brought up a long list of people who could create logos for five dollars!

I sorted the results so the people with best feedback would be at the top.

I paid little bit extra to get the job done quickly, $30 actually.

After two or three revisions  I got a logo that everyone is happy with and has the right “values” in it.


Let me know what you think – reply to this email.

Must see TV shows

The Keepers (Netflix)

A seven-part documentary about the decades-old murder of Sister Catherine Cesnik and its suspected link to a priest Paedophilia ring.

I found this a gripping documentary series and had to watch the entire seven hours worth in one day!! Definitely worth watching.


All the best,


Sarah Staar

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