This is going to change the world

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and I wish you all a happy New Year.

I’m so excited about 2021, and the 2020s in general…

This is the decade that is going to see the world change in a big way…

The previous 20 years has been about the Internet and software…


The 2020s is all going to be about hardware…

And this is going to change the world….

And guess what there are a ton of business opportunities out there…

So today I decided to make a video newsletter explaining a little bit more about this in detail.

Click here to apply  🙂

have a great weekend whatever you’re doing,


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  1. Great video, nice to hear from you.
    I would be interested in hearing about your self liquid sells funnel.
    All the best to you!

  2. Hi Sarah,

    I am interested in your self liquidating funnel.

  3. Yes I would like to see you building a funnel

  4. Your new funnel sounds very interesting. Like to learn more

  5. Yes Sarah I would love to see your self liquidating Sales Funnel Thanks Frank

  6. Thanks Sarah, always love your vids, come live in NZ we have basically 0 covid, no lockdowns , awesome times, need to learn from you more this year Thanks

  7. Hi Sarah
    Happy New Year to you and Dave.

    Yes I agree – the 2020’s will see a revolution in technology and present a lot of business opportunities.

    Yes I would love to see your new self-liquidating funnel.

    Good luck with the Austrian Passport.

    Best regards Philip – downunder 🙂

  8. Hi Sarah,
    Loved the video and so much better than the email letter version.

    Best Wishes for you and Dave for the forthcoming year and hope you get the french residency with Brexit sorted out.


  9. I would like to see the sales funnel , thanks . Happy New Year .

  10. Yes, please I’d love to see your self liquidating sales funnel. It would be great to see how you put all this together.

  11. Great video. I especially like your cover image on this news letter. Very informative video. I am at the moment doing print on demand products. Listing them on Amazon. I love affiliate marketing. But have not started yet. Because of advertising cost. I got to do that soon. i hope that you had great holiday time during Christmas festive. Take care.

  12. I’m intreged. Why a self-liquidating funnel?

  13. Hi Sarah,

    Wishing you and Dave a very Happy New Year and good luck with sorting out the Brexit implications for your business and personal lives.

    Watching you building a self-liquidating funnel sounds like fun. Yes, please.

    Best regards, Justus

  14. Hello Sarah,

    Happy New Year ! Very interested.

  15. Hi Sarah,
    Happy New Year to you and your family
    let me know about the funnel,

  16. I would love to earn more about your self-liquidating sales funnel

  17. Hi Sarah Happy New Year – Yes I would be intersted in your new self-liquidating sales funnel too.

  18. Hi, and back to you, happy new year. Thanks for the update good luck with the new business it sounds interesting.

  19. I would love to earn more about your self-liquidating sales funnel

  20. Hi Sarah, Good to hear from you in your video and love learning a little more about France and what is going on in some of the European Countries. Please put me on the list of interest in your self-liquidating sales funnel. Thank you and have an awesome 2021.

  21. Hi Sarah, HNY to you and Dave. Very interested in your whole inkling of an idea, thought process, plan and execution to market of your new product.

  22. A great video Sarah. I’d be glad to get the info on your new self liquidating funnel. Thank you!

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