1236 days…..

Three years one month and 11 days….

That’s how long it’s taken me to get a European Union passport….

And I’m not talking about being on a waiting list….

There has been obstacle after obstacle in getting this sorted….

A huge amount of red tape….

But in the end persistence paid off….

I’ve just been informed that my Austrian passport will be ready for me to collect in a couple of weeks time…

So what happened and why am I getting a European union passport?

Well one word…


As some of you may know me and my husband both live in France….

In fact we own two houses in France….

When Brexit happened my husband applied for a residency permit which he got…

But I decided to go the other way….

Because my father was Austrian I’m entitled to an Austrian passport….

However I didn’t realise what a minefield this would be….

  • Complicated application forms
  • Meetings with the embassy
  • My father dying during Covid
  • And to top it off my father’s name being spelt wrong on the death certificate….

The death certificate was a vital piece of the jigsaw puzzle….

And the fact that his name was spelt wrong put a stop to the whole application….

It took me over a year just to get his name spelt correctly on the death certificate…. 

There was probably about 10 other things I had to do as well which slowed things down massively…

And because of lockdown everything was working at half speed…..

At the beginning of 2022 I had to leave France!!! 

And that’s why I travelled to Thailand for three months….

I then spent a very nice summer in France…

But then my time was up again and I had to leave….

Currently I’m staying in the north of Thailand in a city called Chiang Mai..

Last week I finally got THE email telling me that my passport would be ready by the end of October…

Sometimes things in life and business can be hard, difficult and complicated… 

But the secret is to never give up…. 


As someone who is dyslexic I find it very difficult to keep track of everything when working on a big project….

And getting this passport application sorted out was right up there with some of the most complicated things I’ve done….

  • People I spoke to on the phone
  • Dates things happened
  • Phone numbers and email addresses
  • Plus loads more stuff…

How do I keep track of everything when working on a big project?




Evernote is an online notebook….

The cool thing is if I take a note on my computer…

It’s automatically synchronised with my phone…..

That way I kept track of everything easily….

When I’m working on an Internet marketing project I use the same strategy….

First of all I write down what needs to be done….

And slowly work my way through the list….

I also use my Evernote file as a kind of reference of what I have actually done….

It’s very easy to lose track of whats been done so far….

It would be so easy to throw in the towel and give up…. 

And I see a lot of people doing this with Internet marketing…..

So next time you start an Internet marketing project….

Write down the strategy in Evernote….

Note down all the things that need to be done…..

And keep track of everything in one place…..

And remember never give up….. 

To get incredible results you need to have a tunnel vision in whatever you’re doing….

When I get engrossed in a new project…

Whether it’s Internet marketing or non-Internet marketing….

It can sometimes completely consume me…..

But the results can be incredible……


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Making money from affiliate marketing….

Generating affiliate commissions every day….

Having the freedom to be location independent…..

That’s the dream…


Have you ever wondered what strategy the successful affiliate marketers who travel the world use?

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Have a great week whatever you’re doing,



Sarah Staar

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