Why Pattaya

On Friday I was standing in Bangkok airport…

There was a man holding up a cardboard sign with my name on it…

The taxi driver….

I got in his cab and he took me to Pattaya city….

Why Pattaya? 

Because I am attending my first Internet marketing workshop in years!

I’m attending a 10 day workshop hosted by David Cavanagh…

It’s all been a bit of an eye-opener….


Because this workshop is for beginners….

But I’m still learning new stuff!

I guess you can never stop learning….

When you first start your journey you learn an awful lot of processes and systems…

  • Building websites
  • SEO
  • Local area marketing
  • YouTube
  • Social media
  • Domain flipping
  • Amazon
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Product creation
  • List building
  • Public speaking

When you become really successful, something happens…. 

Let’s say you start making huge amounts of money from affiliate marketing…..

Well guess what….

You carry on doing affiliate marketing…..

In fact,

Let’s say you start making over 10k per month with affiliate marketing….

You’ll stop doing everything else and just focus on affiliate marketing!

And that’s kind of what happened to me…..

I’ve had great success with,

-Affiliate marketing

-Product creation

-List building

And that’s what I focused on over the years, because it’s made me the most money….

I guess I kind of lost touch with everything else…. 

I knew how to do those other things…..

But it’s been years and years since I’ve done them….

So coming to this workshop has been a great refresher……

There’s about 80 or 90 people at this workshop….

And I’ve had great fun interacting with everybody…..

It’s been so long since I’ve been to a workshop I can’t even remember when the last time was?

I’m looking forward to the next five days and refreshing my knowledge….

Affiliate marketing 


Here’s the interesting thing….

I’m spending 10 days at this workshop here in Thailand…..

I’m not spending any time working on my laptop….

Apart from taking notes and taking part in exercises….

However I’m still making daily affiliate sales….

Now you might think this is because….

I have an email list


I’m running paid traffic

These sales have not come from either of those sources…. 

I’ve been making affiliate sales from content I have distributed all over the Internet…

In other words free traffic….

Recently I ran a online workshop teaching this strategy….

For this week only I’m offering the recordings of this workshop for only $97

Click here to check it out 🙂 


These recordings will only be available until Sunday…. 

And then the page will be taken down…..

Must go now as I need to get back to the workshop…..

Have a great week whatever you’re doing,



Sarah staar

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