Yes it’s true…

Sometimes overwhelm even hits me!

What’s been going on?

For the first time in several years I’ve decided to set up an affiliate funnel…

Basically what I want to do is offer affiliate 100% commission on one of my best converting funnels…

Click here to check out the funnel 🙂 

A lot of you will have seen this funnel before…

This is where you can get four of my products for only four dollars.

It would have been relatively simple to set up an affiliate program using my shopping cart ThriveCart.

However I want to keep thing separate.

  1. An affiliate network with loads of affiliate’s.
  2. An affiliate network who handles all the payment processing.
  3. An affiliate network that handles all the affiliate payments and refunds.
  4. Have the ability to do 1-Click up sells and order page up sells.

So far the only affiliate network I found which fits all this criteria is digistore24.

Yesterday I started going through the documentation and looking at their website….

It seems pretty straightforward to set up…

However there is a problem…. 

Digistore24 does not integrate with my membership platform LifterLMS…

I use LifterLMS to deliver my products….

Also digistore24 does not integrate directly with my auto responder….

So it’s going to be rather complicated to set things up….

I’m going to have to create a brand-new website and learn a brand-new membership script just to host my products for this sales funnel…

Plus I’m going to have to directly link the API of digistore24 to my auto responder…

This is all so complicated!!!! 

And that’s when I hit overwhelm yesterday…..

Sometimes it can be difficult to proceed when you don’t even know where to start…

And this is when it becomes really easy to procrastinate…

So how my I going about getting this all sorted?

This morning I’ve written out a list of all the things I would need to do to get this working….

  • Some things I can do myself….
  • Other things I either can’t do myself or would rather not do myself…

Next I’m going to start implementing everything on the list one thing at a time.

The best way I’ve found to do this is to put the tasks in my diary…. 

That way things actually get done…. 

I’m planning to make a series of YouTube videos showing how I get all this sorted out…

So look out for the videos in the coming weeks…..

Back to Thailand… again…. 

it’s such a pain….

Because of Brexit I’m only allowed to stay in France for 90 days at a time….

Luckily for me I’m entitled to an Austrian passport because my father was Austrian….

It actually taken me 2 years to get all the paperwork together and to have my application accepted…

And now I’m waiting for my passport to come through….

This could take anything from 1 to 6 months….

In the meantime I have to, by law, leave France!

Rather than spend winter in England I’ve decided to go back to Thailand….

This time I’m going to be going to the north of Thailand where a lot of Internet marketers hangout….

I’ll be making some videos about my travels….

I’ll keep you informed of any videos I create….

Have a great week whatever you’re doing,



Sarah Staar

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