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Affiliate Black Book  Come back in time with me…… to 2008

  On 1 January 2008 I opened my notepad and wrote down two   goals to achieve during the year.

  Make my first sale online before the end of January


Start earning enough money online to become financially independent


After spending two weeks thinking about it I finally made possibly the biggest and most important decision I have ever made. 

I hit the “buy now”  button for the Adwords Black Book and made my first investment in teaching myself how to make money and in my professional development.

This was a big decision for me because I had never bought an e-book before. Especially one that cost $200!!

I downloaded the book and printed out all 200 pages… and I remember this actually broke my laser printer!! 

I then started going through this book step-by-step, did exactly what it told me to, and by the end of the month sure enough I’d made my first sale.

I stuck with it and took action every single day until I achieved an income of around $4000 per month.

The Adwords Black Book was written by someone named “X” who later revealed himself as John Barker.

John Barker is the person who I learnt affiliate marketing from and a complete genius when it comes to thinking outside of the box.




A couple of years later John released a new book, “The Affiliate Black Book 2”. 

 What did I do ? 

Well I bought the book (again) and I printed out his book (again) and took massive action.

The results I achieved were incredible (again), John Barker’s stuff works!!!  I must’ve read and re-read John’s books 10s of times over the years simply because his strategies work and you won’t learn them anywhere else!

Whenever I’m at a high-end mastermind meetings and networking events with other marketers that been around for 5 or 6 years, one thing they all have in common is they have all purchased John Barker’s books!!

John Barker (a.k.a. X)  very rarely releases products. Since 2008 I think John has only released three or four products!!

Now in 2015……

You may be wondering what’s in my notebook right now, my goals for this year and next year….

Well my original goal was to earn over $1 million in 2016, I think I’m going to easily achieve that.

This year already I’ve made over $500,000 in commissions,and that’s using a lot of John’s techniques and ideas.

A few weeks ago I received an email from John Barker informing me that he’s written a new book, the “Affiliate Black Book 3”.

I went straight to the sales page, I didn’t even read it, just hit the “buy now” button. 

Next thing, I downloaded The Black Book 3  and printed it out (without breaking the printer this time !) and put it in a binder, took it to France with me, and read the entire book.

I have to say this is one of the best affiliate marketing books I have ever read.  If you’re interested in learning some cutting-edge techniques then this is the book for you.

One of the things I love about John’s books are his affiliate marketing hacks.

The book is full of them.

These are simple straightforward ways to give yourself a massive edge over the competition.

And In the last couple of weeks I have started implementing several of the new strategies.

Forget the price (it’s only $200) invest in your education and in your business, this isn’t Internet marketing fluff, this is serious information for serious marketers.


What to do next?


Open your notepad and write down 2 goals you’d like to achieve this year.

Click on this link, go to the sales page, scroll to the bottom of the page and click the buy now button.

Print out John’s book and put it in a binder and start taking some massive action….

Just like I did in 2008.


all the best,


Sarah Staar

The Affiliate Black Book 3

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