I Have Just About Recovered!

For those of you who missed it.. weekend before last was was the first workshop I have done in 2015 and the format was  completely different from anything I have done before with lots of motivational/goal setting elements.



I really enjoyed this workshop particularly because I could see people starting to take action and complete the exercises in the room.

 I gave everybody homework on day one of the event and it was great to see that most people were taking action completing their homework on day two!!

It was hard work, but when you see people breaking through and taking action it is very rewarding for me.

We even have one person who made their first sale at the workshop !

2 people made the long haul  from Australia, and one person flew in from Thailand!!  

I have just about recovered …… Wow I’ve never spoken continuously like that for three days !!!

 Thanks for all your amazing feedback…  here is just a few..


Philip Lord

Dear Sarah Thank you very much – I was totally blown away by your workshop and the fantastic strategies that you provided for us. So much material to work with and so many ways to make money online! I would encourage all LPT members to definitely not miss the next workshop. I will see what I can do to sign up enough members in Oz to make it worth your while to come down under.


Alex Gordon 

Today is the final day of the workshop. I received so much value yesterday. Of all the strategies that were shared being able to Reverse Engineer a product or a website is one of the most powerful strategies to know.


It means you can create your own success from what is being successful on the web. The power is in your hands to create your own success. Thank you Sarah. Also thanks for the free book!


Colin Mc Monnies 

THANK YOU for an absolutely amazing weekend! I am so chuffed I went and so grateful for what you have done for me I can see clearly now what I have to do…and I will do it Also thanks to your team for all their hard work.

I’ve had quite a few people ask if I be interested in doing a workshop in America…   If you’re interested in a workshop in America please reply to this email.


Too hot to hear myself think


I thought it would be a really cool idea to have a triple monitor setup in my office, three 28” inch monitors. 


Yes it has made life a lot easier, however I have noticed recently that my office has been getting rather hot!!

It got so hot this weekend in my office that I finally gave way and ordered an air conditioning unit. I have just spent the last two hours moving  furniture and my computer system around to accommodate my new air-conditioning unit.

It may be rather noisy but I now have a very nice cool office….




 It’s exciting times as we now (at long last) have the keys for the house next door in France. I don’t understand a system where there isn’t a formal hand-over of keys once money has been transferred etc.

The plan is to turn the house next door into a holiday and seminar/retreat business, and keep the original house as our “escape from it all” house…. . a place to recharge and maybe entertain a few friends and family.




Speaking of family, I’ve also got my sister and her family coming to stay in July, so we are popping over next week to get the house ready.

Think new linen.. washing machine dishwasher etc etc

The builders should be starting work in the next couple of weeks so exciting times…

 (But still waiting on the architects outline sketches…)


all the best,


Sarah Staar

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