I Messed Up

tunnel  When I was teenager I was really embarrassed that I was    .dyslexic, I would go out of my way to hide the fact that I was    .dyslexic.

  As the years have passed I’ve realised that It is nothing to be   embarrassed about, in fact I now consider it as almost a gift.

I guess it’s the reason why I can get tunnel vision, block everything else out to complete tasks and projects, a single minded focus..

I guess I also think about things slightly differently. It’s amazing how many high-end Internet marketers and famous people are dyslexic.

Alexander Graham Bell

Albert Einstein

Richard Branson

Alan Sugar

Henry Winkler

Lewis Caroll

Steven Spielberg

Sarah Staar

Steve Jobs


Anyway being dyslexic can be a little frustrating sometimes, especially when writing emails like this. 

As an example twice this week I’ve sent emails out with big typos in – apologies for that…

You may have noticed that in yesterday’s email I talked about the webinar which was taking place on Tuesday, 4 June.  Then later in the email I talked about it being Thursday, 4 June??

Tuesday…. Thursday ….they both look the same to me !!


Reasons why people fail.


As some of you may know one of my hobbies is cooking. I particularly enjoy cooking Chinese and Indian food.

I frequently visit specialist Chinese supermarkets to obtain the best ingredients. For the past five years I’ve been going to a fantastic little Chinese supermarket in Catford South London.

It was a summer’s afternoon back in 2012 ,  I walked into the Chinese supermarket and noticed they had a little poster up on the wall announcing their new online shop.

Wow i thought,  I can now order online and have my groceries delivered.

I was especially excited about this because this Chinese supermarket is located in an area where parking is particularly difficult, so home delivery would be a great option for me.

I had a quick chat with the owner and told her that I couldn’t wait to order online.

To cut a long story short, I went back into the supermarket last month and they still had the same sign up on the wall!!!

I had a chat to the lady behind the till and she told me that they had been trying to decide which website layout to use, colour scheme to use and had also been working on their logo !!


3 years and still not completed…


This sort of scenario is more common than you think.

The amount of people I meet at networking events who have been working on their website for literally years!!  

I know one lady who’s been working on a software project for several years and still hasn’t got it to market, you know who you are….

One of the big secrets to Internet marketing is getting things completed quickly even if they’ve got mistakes in.

I release products all the time where the sales page has had spelling errors or the graphics haven’t been 100%,  however these products have still made lots of money…

So stop spending days or weeks trying to work out what font to use or which WordPress theme to use. It really doesn’t matter.

What’s most important is getting things done and getting things moving. The sooner you can get a task completed the sooner you can start making money!!


Some useful tools


If you do a lot of cutting and pasting like I do (dyslexia again !) it can be really annoying when you paste in formatting from another program.

I found a really good tool for stripping out the formatting.

PureText 3.0


Twitter feed

syndicate your blog content to Facebook Twitter and LinkedIn automatically.



Plagiarism checker



I must dash now as I am about to cook dinner, Chinese sweet-and-sour chicken…


Talk soon,



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