Are satnavs making us dumb?

Back when I first learned to drive, it all used to be so complicated whenever you went on a long journey. 

First of all, you’d have to really plan out your route, find a road atlas, sit down, write down the directions, and hope for the best as far as traffic was concerned. 

I remember having to pull off the motorway and having to stop at a service station, just to check my notes, to make sure that I was on the right track, and to make sure I didn’t miss my exit. 

Wow, I definitely don’t miss those days. 

In recent years, driving has become easier and easier. All we need to do is type in an address of wherever we’re heading, and our sat nav will pretty much take us there, and avoid traffic delays. 

Some cars, my car included, even have autopilot, which will do pretty much all of the driving for you. Over time, more and more cars will have this. 

Most kids today probably don’t even know what a road atlas even is, and would be kind of amused to find out that, when I first learned to drive, I needed to have books in the car, just to be able to find my way around. 

Even now, though, whenever I go on a long journey, for instance to the Glasgow Meetup, and I meet fellow internet marketers, one of the questions they often ask me is, 

“Sarah, which route did you take? ” 

and they’ll say the name of a road which I’ve never heard of, or a motorway which I’ve never heard of, I and just give them a blank look, and say, “I don’t know, I just followed the blue line on the sat nav.” 

To me, it doesn’t really matter which route I take, as long as I get there. 

RoadMapAre sat navs making us dumb?
Will self-driving cars make us dumb?

This is a question I’ve often thought about.

I know a lot of people who still use maps think that sat navs are going to make us all dumb and not be able to read maps in the future, but really, are maps even relevant in today’s world? 

I’m sure that there are loads of computer geeks out there, who think that things like the modern day computer graphic interface are making people dumb. 

And people who use computers now don’t even have to know how to write code?? Is this making us dumb?? 

Of course not we don’t need to know how to write code to use computers… 

Do I think that my sat navs or self driving cars are making us dumb? 

Well, let me tell you, it gives me the time to think about projects and other interesting things which I’m working on. It also gives me the time to read loads of audio books whilst I’m on the road. 

I love planning out marketing strategies and new projects whilst I’m on long road trips. 

Last month, for instance, I drove all the way from Portsmouth to John o’ Groats in Scotland. That’s over 718 miles each way. 

When I got back to Portsmouth, and the road ran out, I was kind of sorry. I wished there was more road, so I could carry on driving. 


Well, that was because I’d been working on a mega project in my head, a brand new mobile phone app. Find out more at the bottom of this email. 

When I first started internet marketing, back in 2008, things were complicated. 

  • You had to know how to write code to build websites.
  • You had to be very technical to make things work

Whereas now, making money on the internet is relatively simple. 

  1. You can either follow the blue line. 
  2. You can engage autopilot, get someone else to do the work for you, with outsourcing. 

If you’d like to find out how to just follow the blue line, and learn how to make $200 per day. 

Watch this video 🙂 

Must go now.

Sarah Staar.

By the way: the mega project I was working on, my last road trip, was a brand new Sarah Staar Business School mobile phone app.

Guess what, I’m going to give it to you for free later this week, so look out for my email. 

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