Making Money While Eating Christmas Lunch

christmas  Sorry it’s been so long since my last newsletter. To tell you    .the truth I’ve been relaxing and enjoying my Christmas and    .New Year, so Happy New Year!!

  When Is A good Time To Run a Campaign ?


In the Internet Marketing/Information products niche the simple answer is 

-when your audience is bored and looking for something to do..

-when your competitors are less active..

For example…

I made over $7000 on Christmas Day whilst eating turkey!!  After a wonderful Christmas lunch cooked by my sister and my brother-in-law I was sitting on the couch checking my stats.

And a few relations asked what I was doing.

 My brother-in-law’s parents started to be incredibly interested in what I was doing when they realised that I was actually making money whilst eating Christmas lunch!!

To say they were both surprised and a little envious is maybe understating it a bit..

 After all how many people can say they make money while having an apparent day off ??

Believe it or not national holidays such as Christmas Day, Easter day, New Year’s Day are incredibly profitable days for me.

I don’t quite know why but for some reason very few people send out promotional emails on national holidays. I think it was 2011 when I had my first ever $1000 day, and that was a New Year’s Day.

Ever since then I’ve always promoted products on national holidays with great success. 

Christmas Presents for an Internet Marketer

I got a great present from my mother, a new mouse mat.

Oddly appropriate given that so many friends and family don’t really get what I do !!



WordPress Plug-Ins


I’ve had loads of people ask me what are my favourite WordPress plug-ins and which plug-ins do I install when putting up a new website.

So below I’ve listed some of my favourite WordPress plug-ins that I install on most new websites.

 I created a tutorial video explaining why I use these plug-ins and posted it to my new website,

Sarah Tutorials. (

I’ve also posted an audio download version.


Security Plug-Ins


The first plug-ins which I install on all new websites are security plug-ins. WordPress is one of the most popular website platforms.

 Because of this WordPress is often targeted by hackers just like Windows is targeted by hackers because it’s the most popular operating system used.

On a desktop computer you use virus protection software, on a website you should really install security plug-ins to stop your website getting hacked.

Below are the two WordPress plug-ins which I use to secure most of my websites.

 Limit Login Attempts

WordPress Firewall

If you don’t install security plug-ins is only a matter of time before your website gets hacked. 

Quick Page Post Redirect

This is a plug-in I use to redirect traffic from an old blog post to a new webpage. If I create a new blog post all about an up-and-coming live event such as a webinar the blog post can become out of date very quickly.

After the live event I can then redirect all of the traffic from the old blog post to a new webpage advertising my new live event. 

This plug-in can also be used to cloak affiliate links.

WP Hide Pages

WP Hide Post

I use these two plug-ins to hide blog posts from the navigation and site map on my website. This is useful when I want to create hidden pages on my website.  This is particularly useful if I want to direct people from a live event to a page on my website to download a free bonuses etc.

Ultimate TinyMCE

This is a brilliant plug-in which I’ve used for many years. This allows you to have a lot more flexibility in how you layout a WordPress blog post. It gives you a new toolbar such as font size background colour etc. It allows you to edit a WordPress blog post in much the same way as a Microsoft Word document.


This is a plug-in that allows you to put a simple survey in the sidebar of your blog or within a blog post itself.

Hope you found this quick overview useful, for more detail I have created a short tutorial video showing each of these plug-ins in action !!

Go to




Ted 2


  Last night I watched the sequel to Ted and completely   fell about laughing !!

  It reminds me a lot of the days when humorously    .biting political satire was popular on TV.

It’s a weird genre film – kind of a children’s film for adults??

Dawn of the Dead (1978)

I ordered the Blu-ray a couple of weeks ago and watched it last week. I haven’t seen Dawn of the Dead for over 20 years and its still a brilliant film. One of my all-time favourite zombie films.




Cracker box set

One of the Christmas presents I bought for myself was the DVD box set of Cracker. This is a TV show about an alcoholic  gambling-addicted psychologist who works for the police. Not sure if it’s been shown in America but it’s been shown on British TV  for the last 20 years.

Believe it or not I’ve never actually seen a full episode so I bought the entire box set and started at episode one.

The plots are fantastic and darkly disturbing with a real edge and bite to them, its incredibly well-scripted, and the performance by Robbie Coltrane as the disturbed psychologist is outstanding

If you think House was good – this is way better in my humble opinion

If you enjoy your drama you will love Cracker….


All the best,


Sarah Staar


RIP David Bowie….

RIP Lemmy….

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