The Secret Sauce

Internet marketing can be a little bit overwhelming and sometimes we can let little things hold us back. 


  When I first thought about Internet marketing I did not    .think it was a realistic career choice for me as I am    .dyslexic.

  Growing up I was always incredibly embarrassed about    .the fact that I could not spell and the fact that I’m    .dyslexic. 

  When I was at college I applied for a job at a fast food restaurant, they gave me a short very simple maths test, I failed!! I did not get the job!!


I remember being at a London lunch in 2008 and talking to Martin Avis and telling him that I could not be a full-time Internet marketer because I was dyslexic!

Martin’s answer was, you can make videos can’t you??  Become a video marketer….

So that’s exactly what I did and guess what it worked….

Being dyslexic certainly adds a level of complexity to Internet marketing. The simple task of writing emails, creating articles or squeeze pages can take me days….

Quite often when I send out emails or create squeeze pages there are spelling mistakes.

But I’ve never let that hold me back. I’m now full-time Internet marketer and make more money than I could’ve ever dreamt about back in 2008…

This really does prove that things don’t need to be perfect to be successful online and you shouldn’t let things hold you back.

Just last week I sent out an email talking about my five secret traffic sauces.

Luckily Dave is on my list and he saw the email and told me I need to change my squeeze page…

Thanks for that Dave…..


LPT members


In yesterday’s Q&A webinar I was demonstrating how I outsourced the development of my Vimeo embedding WordPress plug-in. I’ve been inundated with emails asking where can you get this plug-in??

I have decided to give licence partner team members a free copy, you can download it below.

Download plug-in here 🙂

As this is a free plug-in there is no support however I have created a short training video showing you how to install the plug-in and how to use it.

Watch video here 🙂


3-D Blu-ray movies


  Last week the long-awaited Terminator Genesis 3-D Blu-ray landed   on my doormat. If you enjoy the terminator movies this is a must    .watch.

  Dave and I thoroughly enjoyed the film, a good script, well directed   and amazing 3-D effects.


Well worth watching…


All the best,



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