They make it sooo complicated!!

Driving a Tesla can be an interesting experience and fun.

Apart from it being really fast and fun to drive, quite often I get people wanting to take photos of the car, and look inside, and also, lots of people asking me questions such as, how far can you drive on one charge?
That seems to be the question that everybody asks.
About 180 miles, real-world driving, in case were wondering.

Owning an electric car come with several perks. Obviously, you don’t need to buy petrol, gas.
And, here in the UK, you don’t need to worry about buying road tax, or even paying for things like the London Congestion Charge.
However, when I first got my car over a year ago, I did receive a fine in the post after my first trip into London.

It turned out that you had to register your car in advance on a government website to be exempt from the London congestion charging.

Nobody had actually informed me about this!

Last year, I paid my £10 and got my car exempt from the congestion charge. Job done, I thought.


Then last week, I was going through my spam folder and noticed an email from Transport for London.
They were informing me that my exemption for the London Congestion Charging was due to expire in seven days time.
This morning, I thought I would renew my congestion charge exemption.

I thought it would be a five minute job. How wrong I was…

1.First I had to look up the email

2.There were no links in the email, only an attached PDF document.

3. I opened the PDF document to find a website address. This was not clickable, so I had to type it manually into my web browser.

4.This took me to a login page.

5.Next, I had to work out where I had saved my username and password.

6.I tried to login, and it failed. On my second attempt, I finally logged into the website.

7.This took me to the homepage of the Transport for London. I had no idea where I would find the link to renew my congestion charge exempting.

8.After hunting around the website for over 20 minutes, I finally found the section on the website where I could pay my £10 to renew my congestion charge exemption.

9.I clicked on the link to put my card details in, and then, my card was declined!! It turns out that the Bitcoins I purchased yesterday got my debit card blocked by the bank.

10.I then had to start over again, and put a different card in, and eventually, after about 45 minutes, I had finally renewed my congestion charge exemption.


Now, I consider myself quite a technical person, since I do run an internet marketing company, and even I found this difficult.

I find it very difficult to understand how non-internet marketing people get through a process like this.
I wonder how the average person, trying to navigate around a website like this on a phone or an iPad, with very little technical knowledge, would find this process.

I guess they just give up in the end. In fact, you’ve probably been there yourself on some sort of government websites, been through the 10 or 20 steps just to do something incredibly simple.

It all comes down to usability

This is why companies like Amazon have taken over the marketplace.
They’ve removed all of the steps to buying a product. In fact, they’ve narrowed it down to one simple step, one click purchase.

I think we can all learn a lot from this, if we take this information onboard and apply it to internet marketing. This is something, which we at Sarah Staar Business School do with our one click upsells.

The same can be true with internet marketing training courses.

I see lots of other marketers creating video courses, which take a really simple concept, and end up making it incredibly complicated, and very difficult to implement.

That’s why whenever I create a training course, I try and make things as straightforward and simple to understand as possible, and give people simple step by step instructions that they can actually take action on.

This is exactly the process I like to use whenever I create my own training courses.

  • I get straight to the point
  • I make things as simple as possible
  • I give people information they can take away and start implementing straight away.

Check out

Viva Amiga

I wonder how many of you remember the Commodore Amiga Computer.

Back in 1985, the Amiga was released. It was a groundbreaking computer.
It was a full 32 bit multitasking computer with a mouse and an operating system that actually looked like Windows.

Back in a time when the Apple Mac was only black and white, the Amiga was full colour, and could actually do more than the Apple Mac, back in 1985.

It actually started a mini computer revolution back then. How do I know all this? Well, I’ve been watching an amazing documentary called Viva Amiga.


The filmmaker has been making this documentary for the past seven or eight years. And sometime ago, I can’t even remember when, probably about seven or eight years ago, I donated some money to help produce the film.

Since then, they’ve also done a Kickstarter campaign to get the film finished off. I must say, it’s an amazing documentary. You really should go and check it out. I’ll put a link to it here.

Oh well, must go now as I’m really busy recording a whole load of brand new training videos for a new training course I’ve got coming out very, very soon.

have a wonderful day whatever you are doing,


Sarah Staar

By the way: Earlier this morning I decided to phone up the bank to get my card unblocked, I was on the phone for over 40 minutes!! That’s another story…

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