Video Newsletter – The pain of failure

In today’s video newsletter I explain The secret to succeeding and how most people overlook this!

Also a quick update on my new lead generation sales funnel.


Get 90% off 10 of my products.

Also for the first time ever I’m offering resell rights for these products.


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  1. Hi Sarah

    Just dropping a note so as you don’t think the video went unwatched!

    An interesting insight into your product development strategies.

    Hope you sort out the passport situation.

    Best wishes


  2. I love listening to your videos – always a good length too and very chatty and good advice. I really didn’t think you had time to read any comments, so glad you asked! I think you’ve done some videos in the past where you can’t rewind and don’t know how long they are before you start, which I don’t like. Please keep up the style of this video (pain of failure).

  3. I watched the whole video I like my old phone too! Have a nice day!

  4. Hello Sarah,
    Yes I watched the entire video. It was refreshing and inspiring. I love these light hearted films you keep making.
    Thanx for these.

  5. G’day Cobber,
    It is wonderful to hear your cheery voice and get your very informative, no-BS comments.
    Too many try to impress, like my Cockney shyster ancestors. Yes, though now a Taswegian Aussie, I am proudly of Poplar stock, but actually born a Brentwood Blitz Baby.
    Like you, I have , dyslexia.
    Keep up the good work Mate,
    Tom the Tassie Tiger.

  6. Great video Sarah I watch a lot of your great videos I just don’t make comments usually but I love your videos and news letters with the videos also.

  7. Happy New Year !
    Another good video. Thank you.

    From the previous video, I was always wandering the origin of your surname ‘Staar’ !

  8. I was hoping to take on Sarah`s products. I have attended a few of her classes and they are always good. Preparation for retirement from my offline business. However, business has been virtually killed off now. Online is the future no doubt.

    When I clean up the mess of closing my business I will at look at Sarah`s offers.

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